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Cosyshome Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One?

Cosyshome Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One? >> Reasonable answer of this question can only be available in a review post. Here, you can know all benefits and negative reviews about this website. Read now!

Hello folks! I hope everyone is doing well. Although we all are facing it tough situation, the internet has played its role well in connecting us. If you have visited this page, it means you want to gain knowledge about Cosyshome com Reviews to find out if it is a trusted website or not. As per the current situation, anything we all are thinking about is keeping ourselves safe. So, any website that claims to sell essentials is in high demand. 

Let’s see how reliable this United States-based website is. 

What is Cosyshome com? 

Cosyshome com is an online shopping website that claims to sell essentials that every one required today. As in this pandemic situation of COVID-19, everyone needs safety essentials; it is what the website selling. Some of the products that the website claims to sell include an infrared thermometer, face masks, disposable gloves, alcohol-based hand wipes, and so forth. However, the most important thing is whether you can trust the website or it is a scam? Have an in-depth look at Cosyshome Com Reviews to know more. 

Who is this for? 

As the website is dealing with safety essentials, anyone who is looking for face masks, hand sanitizers for alcohol-based wipes will get attracted to this site. As the website claims to ship the product all over the world, you can catch your safety essentials by sitting inside your home. This deal can lure many customers, but you have to be careful while ordering from any such website. 

Benefits of Cosyshome com 

When you are familiar with some of the benefits offered by the website, you gain some confidence from inside. Knowing the benefits of a website helps you in making your final decision of ordering from a website or not. Let’s have a look over Cosyshome com benefits. 

  • No kind of suspicious activity has been found out till now. This means that your personal information will be safe. 
  • The website has also passed many tests which declared that the website is not blacklisted. 
  • The website is offering shipping services worldwide.

Some negative remarks about Cosyshome com

Many websites claim to sell safety essentials at low rates, which creates doubt in the consumer’s mind. The very same thing is happening with this website. This website is very new to be trusted to buy online shoppers. Generally, people are interested in buying from the website, which is old because it has a lot of customer reviews. However, Cosyshome com does not have any review on Facebook or any other social media platform. Without Cosyshome Review it is hard to believe on the website. 

Some highlighting negative points about the website are:

  • The website doesn’t have owner information. You cannot know about the company, its background, and its trustworthiness. 
  • All the content and pictures on the website are copied from any other website. This point states that you cannot take risk of ordering anything from such a website. 
  • Cosyshome com is not recommended by any person. This increases the chances of the website being a scam. 

At this point in time where industries are closed, unemployment can be seen everywhere; you cannot take the risk of losing your money. As the website doesn’t offer any cash on delivery option, you cannot rely on it. 


What payment methods are accepted by Cosyshome com? 

Payment is accepted by way of a debit card or credit card. Cash on delivery is not applicable. 

Does the website need any kind of personal information when payment is made? 

No, the website will not ask you for any personal information. You need to tell your credit card or debit card number. 

Is anything special offered to the wholesalers? 

Yes, offering a special price to the wholesalers. For this, Cosyshome com as a special wholesaler program section on the website, which you can read to know more about the program. 

Final Verdict

After analyzing the website, it has been found out that you should not order anything from this website. Cosyshome Com Reviews also state that the website can be a fraud. Also, not much information about the owner is present on the website. 

Moreover, the content given on the website is copied from any other website. So, trusting on this website is a big question. This is not it time to do experiments with your shopping website. So you are requested to do some research on your behalf before placing your order from Cosyshome com. 

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  2. I purchased disposable face masks ( qty 50 ) and disposable gloves ( qty 100 ) on 04-15-2020 per my chase bank .debit card. I received face masks but have not received gloves as of 04-24-2020 per my order number N05200415234620160. what is the status of gloves ? please advise thank you

  3. Hello….we ordered 100pcs of Disposable Latex Gloves on 4/3/20, As of today, 5/2/20 my e mails go unanswered and we have not received our order.
    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I guess we are out $30.98

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