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Cowa Robot Suitcase Review {May 2021} Is It Scam Or Legit!

Cowa Robot Suitcase Review 2021
Cowa Robot Suitcase Review {May 2021} Is It Scam Or Legit! >> A suitcase is designed to meet customers’ needs. It is available at a reasonable price. But is the product worth availing? Read the content to know.

It is the first automatic suitcase in the world that does not need any remote control. It is designed in such a way that it can detect the owner. On its own, it can keep up with your speed. It helps with a movement that needs care or skill.

In the following content, we will get you through Cowa Robot Suitcase Review that will help you to know about the product better.

This product has been recognized in India. Let us explore more about the item like its features and specifications. Let us begin.

What is Cowa Robot Suitcase?

It is the first suitcase in the world that auto-follows. It has got a lot of features like on its own, it goes on with your speed. Another feature is that it is helpful with a movement that needs care or skill. It is gifted with sharp tracking. It can identify your location and immediately sends signals if you are at a distance more than it allows. According to Cowa Robot Suitcase Review, it is designed with a powerful battery. It offers a warranty based on some terms and conditions. It can work in different atmospheres. It can make charging easy for people as it has got certain charging capacities. It is available in Black color.

It is explained with photos, brand name, ratings, the price, features, special offers, product description, product information, reviews, customer questions and answers et cetera. 


  • The color of the item Black is mentioned.
  • It has got 19 ratings.
  • The product description is available.
  • According to Is Cowa Robot Suitcase Legit research, mixed reviews are present on the portal and Trustpilot.
  • Product information is mentioned.
  • Customer questions and answers are present.
  • Offers warranty based on some terms and conditions.
  • Excellent trust score, 99%.
  • It does not have in any of the social media platforms.


  • It is the first suitcase in the world that auto-follows.
  • It keeps up with your speed on its own.
  • Helps people to get back on track soon.
  • It can sense your location and sends signals if you are more than 6 feet away.
  • Explained with the photos, color, product description, product information.
  • According to Cowa Robot Suitcase Review, it has got excellent trust score of 99%.
  • It has got a powerful battery.
  • Offers a warranty.
  • It is present in a big e-commerce site that is, Amazon


  • Mixed consumer reviews on the portal and Trustpilot.
  • Not available on Social Media Channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The address is missing. Hence no address to be found on the map.
  • The contact number is absent.
  • The email is missing.
  • The Customer Care Number is not available.
  • No Exchange/Return Policy.
  • No Delivery Policy.
  • No Cancellation Order Policy.
  • Only available in few sites.

Is Cowa Robot Suitcase Legit?

The following areas will determine how genuine this product is. Let us start-

  • Brand Creation Date: It was created on 1994-11-01 05:00:00.
  • Address: Missing.
  • Contact Number: Absent.
  • Trust Score: Excellent.
  • Reviews: Mixed reviews.
  • Social Media Handles: Not available.
  • Customer Questions and Answers: Available.
  • Warranty: Available.

This product is slightly suspicious. Please verify it before you buy it. For knowing more details, follow the article Cowa Robot Suitcase Review to the end. 

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Customer Review 

This product has got 19 global ratings and 3 out of 5 customer reviews. We went on the portal to read the reviews. We found mixed reviews there. We visited Trustpilot to check reviews there. We found 15, 760 mixed reviews on Trustpilot. The product does not have any social media page. So we could not find any review there.

The Final Verdict:

It has got an excellent trust score that is 99% on Trustpilot. Also, it has been created long back in the year 1994. Hence it is existing for quite some time now. But the address is missing from the portal. Hence, we cannot guarantee its address authenticity because obviously, we can not locate it on the map. 

Based on Cowa Robot Suitcase Review, this product that has established itself in the United States seems to be genuine. Mixed reviews are available on the portal and Trustpilot. 

Which suitcase do you use? Let us know in the comment box below.

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