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Curro Wordle {April 2022} know Hints & Tricks To Solve!


Curro Wordle discusses the reason behind the word Curro becoming the top keyword and gives hints and tricks for solving Wordle.

Wordle has become one of the people’s daily activities in countries like Spain and Argentina. This word game tests the gamers’ skills and helps increase their brain activity. Most gamers share their Wordle statistics cards on social media to show their skills in Puzzle-solving.

Many clones of Wordle have entered the word game market, and most of them attract players toward it. Many people are searching the internet to learn about the Curro word game.

Curro Wordle article will try to find the reality behind this search

Is Curro a Word Game?

The Curro keyword is one of the most searched words in countries like Mexico and the United States. The last few months have given a lot of new word games to puzzle solvers, and most of the game has been received well by the players.

The search for the keyword Curro increased as many gamers believe that this is another new clone of Wordle. After some investigation, we found that Curro is the solution for Spanish Puzzle number 90, released on 6th April 2022. Therefore, it is the solution to a puzzle and not a clone of the Wordle game.

Tricks for Curro Game Solutions:

Firstly people looking for Curro named games should know that it is the solution for puzzles and not any word game. Since it is a Spanish puzzle, most people were unaware of it and got confused.

Word gamers should follow some tricks for finding the Wordle solution, and we have listed some of them below.

  • Try words that include common vowels and consonants of the alphabet.
  • Try two different words for the first two lines as the chances of finding the correct letter will increase.
  • You can start with the same word daily.
  • Have a database of five-letter words for some reference.
  • Start with a new word daily.

Hints for Curro Wordle:

We have known the solution as Curro for puzzle number 90, but what could have been the possible hints for it. Players can look at the hints and solutions to solve future daily Wordle games. 

  • The word is a noun.
  • Letters are repeated in the word.
  • The start of the word is consonant while it ends with a vowel.
  • In five letters, two are vowels, and three are consonants.
  • You will get money for doing it.

One should try to relate the hints with the solution and prepare for the future Wordle.

How to make Wordle more interesting?

If you can solve Curro Game quickly and want more challenges, try the hard mode of the Wordle. In the game’s hard mode, players are expected to use their yellow and green letters in their next guess. This makes the game harder for a player as limitation is put on their guessing of the next word. It gives a chance to players to solve their game in a few steps but with constraints on their guess word.

Final verdict:

Therefore according to our searches, Curro is no other word game but is the solution for the Spanish puzzle Curro Wordle. Players can find their solution by using the hints and tricks. To make the game more challenging, try the hard mode.

Word game lovers can share their views on clones of Wordle in the comment section below.

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