Custom Rick Roll Website {May} Check Out The Details!

Custom Rick Roll Website 2021

Custom Rick Roll Website {May} Check Out The Details!>> Are you bored and want to have fun with your friends? Then, read the article and get the details of a generator that can help you out.

Do you love to prank your friends and family members? Then our today’s content will grab your interest as we are sharing information about rickroll generators. Most teenagers in the United States love to prank on their fellow mates, but sometimes it fails because no one is fooled to fall for old-fashioned YouTube links.

So this generator has come with some advanced features that can help you out in pranking your friends. If you are excited to use then read all the highlights of the Custom Rick Roll Website.

What is this website?

It is a generator with which we can create our webpage and share fake news with friends to fool them.

Whenever we share links to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, or we use any other messaging tool, the preview of the link is available, giving the individual an idea of the link. Based on this fact, the rickroll generator works.  

How to create a link?

There is a form available on the portal. We have to fill it up to create a preview of the link to befool our friends. Here is the information you must share with the Custom Rick Roll Website to create your funniest link.

  • Title of the page – give your webpage a perfect title to believe on it easily.
  • Select the link and paste it in the space available in the form. This link will be previewed to all receivers.
  • Write a page description and try to describe the content of your link in few words. 
  • Other options like custom messages and the name of the file are optional. But it’s better if you fill them up as it will make your webpage real.

So, after sharing this information, you are just a few steps away to get your link. Click on the option of making it, and within a second, your link will appear.

Few facts about Custom Rick Roll Website – 

  • Once the receiver opens the link, he/she will get to listen to the lyrics of an iconic song by Rick.
  • This generator is old and was registered on 20 March 2017.
  • People have shared their views on reddit and are happy to get a generator that creates real previews of the fake links.
  • The person who created this generator is a talented personality who uses open-source programs to dismiss his name.
  • Rick Roll has shared YouTube videos to give more knowledge about the Custom Rick Roll Website to viewers.


In the end, we can say that the generator is a good way to have fun with your friends, so don’t wait; grab your links and enjoy. We have shared the procedure to get the links most easily. Moreover, we are providing you the source to the official website to explore more details as per your want.

Get ready to troll, prank, and befool your friends with the generator. 

What are your views on using the Custom Rick Roll Website? Comment and share few words with us.

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