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Cvlm Rings Scam {May} Read Customer Reviews In Detail!

Read facts about CvlmRing.com, selling unique designs and theme-based rings. Also, learn about the Cvlm Rings Scam.

Are you looking to buy 3D-designed rings that are trendy with unique glittering designs? Did you know that fidget spinners help increase focus and reduce stress? Did you know that CvlmRing infused the concept of a fidget spinner in rings? Do you prefer to buy such rings to help reduce nervousness and fear?

Before buying from CvlmRing.com in the United States, we recommend you read about Cvlm Rings Scam below.

Is CvlmRing Legit?

  • CvlmRing Creation: 6th September 2021 at 08:30:43.
  • CvlmRing Age: eight months and ten days old.
  • CvlmRing Last updated on: 6th September 2021 at 08:30:44.
  • CvlmRing Expiry: 6th September 2022 at 08:30:43.
  • CvlmRing life expectancy: expires within three months and twenty days.
  • Trust Index: CvlmRing achieved a 1% trust score.
  • Business Ranking: 48.8%.
  • Place of origin: CvlmRing was registered in the USA.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 22%.
  • Threat Profile: 36%.
  • Phishing Score: 23%.
  • Malware Score: 36%.
  • Spam Score: 11%.
  • Status of Blacklisting: CvlmRing is not blacklisted.
  • SSL certification: IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 87 days, as ascertained in Cvlm Rings Reviews.
  • Connection Security: CvlmRing uses an HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact person: not mentioned on CvlmRing.
  • Social relations: @CvlmRing is present on Facebook only.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact: Amanda is the founder of CvlmRing. Her contact information is censored.


CvlmRing™ is selling rings made with stainless steel and skin-friendly material on its official website CvlmRing.com. Amanda, the owner of CvlmRing, developed the concept of a fidget spinner ring. 

Amanda had faced stress and depression, due to which she had designed rings that can be used anywhere by anyone to lower nervousness, fear, stress, depression, and pricking of nails and fingers. However, the concept could be a Cvlm Rings Scam. CvlmRing.com offers:

  1. Special Style Rings
  2. 3D Design Rings
  3. Black Rings
  4. Chain Rings
  5. Linked Rings
  6. Mat Glitter Rings
  7. Silver Metallic Rings
  8. Necklaces
  9. Top Spinner Rings
  10. Nature Inspired Rings
  11. Rings with Quotes


  • Buy rings at: https://www.cvlmring.com.
  • Social media Links: not included on CvlmRing.
  • Price: $24.99.
  • Physical Address: not included on CvlmRing.
  • Phone (or) WhatsApp number: only contact number is given as +1(864)301-6958.
  • Email address: support@CvlmRing.com.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: supported on CvlmRing.
  • Terms and Conditions: plagiarized policy was included on CvlmRing.
  • Privacy policy: plagiarized policy was included on CvlmRing.
  • Store locator: not included on CvlmRing.
  • Cvlm Rings Scam reviews on Delivery Policy: not mentioned on CvlmRing. However, the tracking page mentioned 12 days delivery timeline.
  • Shipping Policy:  not mentioned on CvlmRing. But, the tracking page mentioned 3 days processing time.
  • Tracking: orders can be tracked at https://www.cvlmring.com/pages/track-your-order.
  • Cancellation Policy: not mentioned on CvlmRing. However, the refund page mentioned that order could be canceled within 12Hrs.
  • Return Policy: CvlmRing customer service provides return authorization within 90 days.
  • Refunds Policy: CvlmRing did not include a refund timeline to original method of payment.
  • Mode of Payment: USD via PayPal, Amex, ApplePay, GooglePay, MasterCard, MastroCard, ShopPay, and Visa.
  • Newsletters: supported by CvlmRing.
  • Help and FAQ: not included on CvlmRing.

Pros determined in Cvlm Rings Reviews

  • CvlmRing is sold worldwide on several websites.
  • CvlmRing is offered at a huge 60% discount plus 10% additional discounts on the first order.
  • CvlmRing has trendy and eye-catching designs.
  • Several CvlmRing reduces pricking of fingers, stress, and anxiety
  • CvlmRing offers eleven designs of rings


  • Poor inventory control and website logic allow customers to order infinite quantities of the same ring.
  • The sales price rings are quoted as $0.00, and the checkout pages also show $0.00 for all orders.
  • Less number of payment methods are offered at checkout
  • Unfriendly user interface for navigating to product pages
  • Important policies are missing on CvlmRing.com

Cvlm Rings Scam Customers Reviews: 

Several customer reviews and videos on cvlmring.com are positive, rated 5-stars and also reflected on YouTube. Hence, product reviews on cvlmring.com are unreliable.

There are no reviews and ratings present elsewhere on review sites, Facebook, YouTube, and the internet. CvlmRing received a poor Alexa rank of 2,303,427. Therefore, Know About Pay Pal Scams as CvlmRing takes Pay Pal payments.


CvlmRing has terrible Trust Score. It achieved poor Alexa and Business Ranking. CvlmRing.com has considerable suspicion and threat profile. Low number of customer reviews are present on the internet. Cvlm Rings Scam is a truth. We do not suggest CvlmRing.com as customer acknowledgment about receiving delivery of orders was found on the internet. Further, its registration will expire shortly. Know About Credit Card Scams as CvlmRing accepts CreditCards payments.

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