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Dababy Sussy among Us School {May} Read The Details!

Dababy Sussy among Us School {May} Read The Details!>> Being an imposter in the game, do you want to kill your crewmates uniquely? Read the article to get detailed information.

Among us, the game has been developed a lot from the time it was introduced. People in the Netherlands and United States always appreciate the advanced features of the game, whether it was the introduction of voice chats or assigning roles to the crewmates.

Today we are sharing the recent update of the game that is beneficial for the imposter as it can give a chance to kill his opponent hilariously. To get the details of this update, we have to explore Dababy Sussy among Us School.

What is this game mod?

Dababy, a famous American Rapper, has recently shown its presence in the Among Us with a role mod. It is powerful enough to kill its opponents. By collaborating with the team of Fortnite, Among Us has managed to bring Dababy into the game.

The mod allows the imposters to use extra power and advanced techniques to kill its crewmates. This gaming mode is useful for all users. It changes the serious and threatening environment of the game to hilarious and enjoyable.

In Dababy Sussy among Us School, every imposter is given three fantastic abilities: convertible, mine, and nuke. You would be surprised to know that these powers can play the lyrics of the songs of Dababy in the game.

What are special features available in the mod?

The powers that this mod offered to the imposter make it different from all other game modes of Among Us.

  • Nuke allows imposters to take their crewmates to the Arial area and drop the weapons to win over them. 
  • The power of convertibility gives a chance to imposter to change and transform themselves to a car.
  • Imposter can place mines in the way of crewmates. If crewmates come in touch with it, it will get explode.

How to get Dababy Sussy among Us School mod?

As viewed in the above section, the powers of the mod are so effective that it becomes difficult for crewmates to survive in the game. So let’s see the ways to access it.

If you choose to play as an imposter in the game, then pick the role of Dababy to get his abilities in your character. As such, no links are available to access the character directly. But if you are good at coding, it would not be difficult to introduce this mod in your game. Furthermore, if Dababy Sussy among Us School becomes popular in the future, then modders will provide easy access.


The humorous way to put down your crewmates is available. So imposters, add this update in your game and get a chance to live longer. The developer of this mode has announced that it is a ridiculous but funny way to kill your enemy in the game.

If you want to grab more details about the gaming mod, don’t forget to click on the link shared below.

Moreover, YouTube videos are available over the internet showing the location of Dababy Sussy among Us School

What is the favourite character you often choose in the game? Comment and share with us.

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