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If you are looking for the Dave Chappelle Tackle Chris Rock incident, then read this article to fetch the details.

Have you heard about Dave’s attacker details? Who is Dave Chappelle? Why is he attached to an event? How are Chris Rock and Will Smith related to the incident? These questions are currently the hype in the United States and Canada over the internet as people are continually looking for the answers. 

Read this article about Dave Chappelle Tackle Chris Rock till the end to know what the event was all about and how the same happened!

Why and How Did Chris Rock tackle Dave Chappelle?

Recently on the event night of Netflix is a Joke- the Festival in Los Angeles, Dave Chappelle was trying to be attacked by a stranger. The celebrity had no injuries as police officers stopped the stranger beforehand. 

After this incident, the host continued with his show. Will Smith and Chris Rock were also a part of this event. Chris Rock mockingly linked this with the Oscars night where Will Smith was seen slapping him and asked Dave whether this stranger was Will Smith or someone else. 

Dave Chappelle Chris Rock Will Smith:

As we have already mentioned, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were the part of this event, too, and after this incident, Chris Rock joined Dave on the stage. During this, he took the mic from the host, Dave and asked whether the stranger that attacked was Will Smith? 

This mockingly was all, and none of the celebrities had any grudges against each other. Moreover, the crowd also engaged with this joke and laughed loudly. This slap incident by Will Smith further resulted in his ban from all the decade events as a punishment, and he was asked to leave the academy. 

Dave Chappelle Tackle Chris Rock– Details About the Attacker:

This all happened on late Tuesday night when suddenly a stranger man was seen rushing towards the stage and tackling the host of the show, Dave Chappelle, during his act. 

Later, it was found that the celebrity had posted no injuries, and some injuries on the attacker were therefore seen. Police later identified him as a 23-year-old man named Isaiah Lee, and he was further detained and transported to the hospital for his treatment. 

A few seconds after the Dave Chappelle Attacker incident, Dave added that he might be a trans man, relating the same to his controversies. 

What Was the Controversy Related to His Previous Trans Jokes?

Now that we have all the details for this incident let’s explore a few pointers about related past events. Soon after this attack, Dave mentioned that he might be a trans man. This was regarding his statement when he said he had increased his security after all the jokes he had passed on to the trans community. 

Final Verdict:

To all our readers who wish to know about Netflix is a Joke Dave Chappelle Attack in La, then Dave, the host and comedian, was attacked by a stranger during his act. Later Chris Rock related this to the Oscar event and asked whether this man was Will Smith. 

Check out the more info of the event   here. 

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