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Degatus Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Degatus Reviews 2020

Degatus Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> The website offers a wide range of home cleaning, gardening, exercising, smart home materials, and bikes and ride ons for the kids.

Degatus Reviews is what your eyes look for now! Hang-on and stick with our article, read the entire content, and I am sure you will be able to decide Whether to shop from it or not.

What is Degatus?

It is an online site that provides a unique range of home cleaning, gardening, exercising, smart home materials, and bikes and rides ons for the kids. It further helps convert a home into a superb smart home for all by offering surveillance cameras and accessories.

Different types of electrical kitchen appliances and other needy stuff is also available on the site at a very reasonable price.

The website provides free shipping to all places, including every state of the United State.

The portal claims to possess excellent customer service, a money-back guarantee and has a secure payment gateway. All these things are provided by all good and branded websites that are legitimate and work for customer satisfaction.

Although doubts are usual to appear in mind while trying for any new website for the first time, knowing more in-depth about the site is sure to provide some clarity over many things that might help you decide about shopping as well.

Precise specifications about Degatus:

  • Website- It offers a wide range of home cleaning, gardening, exercising, smart home accessories, and bikes, and ride ons for the kids. 
  • Shipping charge- It provides free shipping within 5 to 10 days.
  • Return- It accepts returns but on conditions. Some of the products cannot be returned for size issues or quality. However, the exchange is possible at $ 3 price. Some items are claimed as non-returnable also.
  • Contact details- 5019 Meadowbrook Mall Road – Santa Monica – California – 90405 – USA
  • Email-
  • Phone- 800-866-0633
  • Payment- It accepts card or wallet payments online, which is secured and safe.

Does Degatus has any pros about shopping?

  • The website has a good collection of different things to offer a reasonable price all on one page.
  • The site provides free shipping to every place.
  • The kitchen and house cleaning products are worth trying.
  • The entire range of the smart home is really exclusive and moderately priced.
  • They claim to have 24×7 customer service support and money-back guarantee.

Does Degatus has any cons about shopping?

  • The website does not provide any option of COD.
  • The site charges an additional $3 for exchange of size in case you picked up wrong in the first go.

Is Degatus legit site to buy anything?

Degatus Reviews does not reveal much, though. The site appears legit since it has existed over social media, and its pricing is fair as per quality being offered.

Further, it has free shipping and has already clarified no size returns or exchanges at a cost. It also has a secure payment gateway and has 24×7 customer service and provides a money-back guarantee.

So almost everything appears perfect from displaying contact details to the phone number. But we will still suggest trying the phone number of customer service first before placing an order to check if it works.

Trying to be safe before ordering is the best suggestion we give to all consumers shopping online.

What consumers think or say about the site? 

It does not have many online reviews and displays all contact details too. So from pricing to product delivery, everything looks just fine. 

But some customers do have bad experiences which is typical for every website. 

But checking beforehand what you need and how it can be returned in case you don’t like it is a must before you place the order.


Note of conclusion:


The website has a good collection of ride-on and bikes for the kids, house cleaning, and gardening. Several types of surveillance cameras and accessories are also available for converting a home into a superb smart home. 


Like every website, this one has a good collection and appears legit too, but being more aware of it will only save from any risk.


Hence, try and reach for the customer service line before you place the order and detail what they say about their delivery process. I am sure you will either be convinced or be clear if you must order from it or not.


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  1. This is a chinese company regardless of website says and customer service number does not work.

  2. Since the 800 number listed as their contact number is a sex talk line….I am thinking they are not legit and I just filed a dispute with PayPal. The number they have on their website is 800-866-0833

  3. I think this page is a fraud, their address and phone number is fake. I placed an order, paid via paypal and never received a confirmation. I opened my dispute with Paypal.

  4. I called the number provided on the website and it was car insurance b.s so yea that is a sign of a scam.. no one picked up didn’t mention anything about its Store the Email seems too original I would say the site is a Scam.

  5. This business is a scam.
    the phone number is invalid
    the address is invalid
    my money was taken and order never confirmed or item shipped

  6. Website is a SCAM !!! Number on website is fake . I called it after trying to buy something when I didnt get any order confirmation or order number. You will not receive any product if you buy! I had to open a dispute back and still trying to get my money back. Hopefully Paypal will do the wright thing and refund me and stop doing business with this fraudulent website!

  7. same as above, my money was taken and now I need to go to paypal to dispute the sale and get my money back. I am sad as I was waiting a week for my merchandise.

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