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Deign Wordle {June} Is This A Word? Read Here To Know!

The guide shares details about Deign Wordle to help readers know if it relates to the puzzle game. 

Do you know the answer to Wordle #351, released on 5th June 20? Many fans of Wordle, and many people play this game regularly. Many worldwide players started searching for the five-letter words that start with DE. 

Many players guessed different words that started with DE. Many words start with DE and finding the right answer for Wordle #351 was challenging. Some players searched for Deign Wordle, but it has nothing to do with the game.  

What is Deign in Wordle?

Deign is an English word that means to think by one’s dignity. It is a valid word, and many players guessed the word to answer riddle #351. However, the word has no relation to the daily puzzle game. Since the answer to question #351 comprises the letters DE, many players believed that the answer was Deign. 

Some people even thought that it was a game. However, after evaluating, we found that the answer to question #351 was DEPTH, and it starts with DE. So, many people who believed that the answer was Deign were wrong.

Is Deign Game or a Word?

As mentioned earlier, Deign is an English word and not a game. However, many worldwide players believed that Deign is a game, and hence they were searching for the game online.  After evaluating the internet, we found that it is an English word that means to think according to one’s dignity. So, it is a word with a valid meaning and not a game. 

Nevertheless, Wordle players believed that it is the answer to the riddle #351 on 5th June was Deign because the five-letter word and the answer start with DE. But the answer was DEPTH and not deign. So, people searching for Deign Game must know that it is not a game or the answer to Wordle #351. It is an English word.      

About The Wordle

Wordle is a word solving puzzle. Every day new riddle or challenge is released and the players have to guess the given five letter word to maintain their score and daily winning streak. This game has become very popular lately. Even the celebrities play this game on a daily basis.

In the game players will be provided with six turns or chances to let the players guess the correct answer. Recently many players guessed the wrong answer as “Deign Wordle” because the was a word starting with letter DE. But the answer was something else. Wordle game has becoming hard day by day. And people want to be updated with the difficulty level.


Wordle is a daily riddle game that many players of all ages enjoy. The riddle game is where players have to guess a five-letter word using the clues in six attempts. Riddle #351 was released on 5th June 2022, and the answer was DEPTH. 

But, many players guessed the wrong answer, like Deign, and others started searching for Deign Wordle online. 

What were your guesses for Wordle #351? Please share it in the comment section.

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