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Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode (May 2021) Read Here!

Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode (May 2021) Read Here! >> Sad news for Facebook users, Dark mode from Facebook has disappeared. People want to know; they will get it back or not. Read this to know.

Are you a Dark Mode lover? However, there is a scientific reason behind introducing dark mode, but most of us are just black addicted. Famous applications also launched dark mode and dark themes for users to customize their accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and snap chat. However, recently people from the Philippines, United States, and Canada observed that Dark mode has vanished from their Facebook. Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode, or is it a technical issue?

Does it happen to a particular region?

Many users have taken to social media to complain that they no longer have access to Facebook’s Dark Mode function. That’s the view that uses a black background instead of a white interface, which some people prefer. You can find people asking on Social Media they are the only ones, or it happened to them also. It is not area-specific or Android-specific, but Facebook has not disappeared from everyone’s phone. Not any specific reason came in the limelight due to this yet.

Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode? 

As we already discussed that it had not been removed from everyone’s phone, and Facebook has not publicly commented on Dark Mode’s unexpected removal, it seems doubtful that feature has been permanently withdrawn. However, it’s also only happening for Android users, implying that it’s a bug. Facebook is undoubtedly working on a fix, but in the meanwhile, some users are claiming that their Facebook has returned after cleaning their cache and forcing shutting the app. 

How to Fix Dark Mode Problem? 

Everyone questioned, Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode? Tom’s Guide employees, was able to activate Dark Mode on their iPhone or Android smartphone. According to a Facebook spokeswoman, a Facebook person said to Tom’s guide that they are working hard to restore everything to normal as soon as possible. But we found some people can fix it by following this procedure-

  1. Select three horizontal lines of the Facebook homepage.
  2. 2) Click the Settings & Privacy option written at the bottom of your screen, which should expand to reveal more options.
  3. 3) Choose the Dark Mode option.
  4. 4) Choose and select the On option. 

Coming to the point, Facebook Dark Mode Android Not Showing, users can notice that Facebook’s remedy is on the way for this bug. 

Why people want Dark Mode?

The Facebook dark mode, new design for the social network that transforms the social network’s regular bright, white interface with black and grey shades of grey on both desktop and mobile. It’s a minor adjustment, but it’s significant for many users. In addition, there may be an advantage to your phone’s battery. However, it is also why people are worried and asking, Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode? You begin by uninstalling and again installing the famous Facebook app. If the Mode still is not available, force exit the program and swipe out of the iPhone.  If you want to reveal more information about it. Read here to know more.


A dark interface saves an astounding 60% of screen energy. For some people reading text in a Dark mode, the screen is easier than reading on a white screen. You can found people asking each other and on social media, Did Facebook Remove Dark Mode? Now you know the answer that Facebook has not officially removed this feature. 

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