Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith {March} Full Answer

Latest News Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith

After the Oscars incident, the question which surfaced on the internet is Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith. Read to know more.

At the Oscars on Monday, there was a memorable incident which will always be remembered for its ferocity and the shock waves it sent Worldwide. Will Smith has slapped Chris Rocks after the latter had said something ‘offensive’ about Will’s wife. 

This led to a wide circulation of the clip on social media and later on there were questions and allegations about Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith. Now this is certainly a very relevant question about whether there should be any reason other than marital relation due to which Will was so angry with Chris Rocks. 

The Oscars Slap Incident 

Will Smith, before receiving the Oscars, miffed at one of Chris Rock’s jokes and went ahead to punch him in the mouth. Chris Rocks, among all the jokes, commented on Jada Pinkett while calling her GI Jane Doe, thereby drawing a sharp and somehow harsh joke on her bald head. This was something that Will Smith could palpably cannot tolerate. But the question remains Who Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith With and if that sour the past is why are that together now with so much intensity which manifested itself yesterday during Oscars. 

In 2020, news surfaced that Jada Pinkett is cheating on Will Smith with August Alsina, a songwriter from the United States. At first, there were no reactions from the power couple of Hollywood. But the clamor did not seem to end and they had to come clean. The occasion was a show called Red Table Talks where, for the first time, Jada Pinkett accepted the allegations that she was cheating Will Smith with August Alsina. 

The Complete Answer to Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith

On the show, both Will and Jada were present as they said later on that they decided to come clean about their relationships and rumors surfacing the global media. While this fact was appreciated by many people, most were concerned about the revelation. Both of them accepted that they have unconditional love for each other. 

But everything was not just right. The interview seemed to be very evasive and while some people drawed the above mentioned conclusions, many were not very clear as to whether Jada Pinkett cheated on Will Smith or not. 

Thus, the answer to the question Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith was not very clear and therefore these allegations slowly converted into the rumors that commonly followed the Smith couple on every turn. Now in 2022, when there was silence on this issue for a long time, Will Smith created another controversy by defending Jada Pinkett and slapping Chris Rocks during Oscars. The way Will Smith defended Jada Pinkett is getting mixed comments from around the globe. 


Chris Rocks was punched in the face by Will Smith after the former had commented on Will’s wife Jada Pinkett by drawing an analogy with GI Jane Doe. This incident led to reviving a debate as to if the relations between the couple are so candid, then Why Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith. To know more, see  What Will Smith Has Confirmed. 

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