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Dio Diary Aut (Sep 2021) Obtained Through Killing Dio!

Gaming Tips Dio Diary Aut

Go through the article, and you would know the exact meaning and use of Dio Diary Aut.

If you’re looking down for the attainment of dio diary, we will tell you the exact way to do that? If you’re looking down for the use of a dio diary, you are on the right page.

A Universal Time is one of the most popular games and brings new challenges for its players to make the game more interesting. Players Worldwide are curious to know the way to obtain the dio diary.

So let us explore the ways out to get your hands on Dio Diary Aut.

What is A Universal Time game?

Roblox Aut is a whole new game for players who are looking for a challenging and engaging game. The game has come up with an amazing concept: players have to compete to win various items and abilities.

There is much to know about Aut; it becomes difficult to obtain certain items or abilities without knowing them. 

The Dio diary is one of the items that can be obtained in the game. We have brought you a guide passing on how to get your hands on such an item.

What is Dio Diary Aut?

Dio diary is an item referred to in Stone Ocean and is termed as The Way to Heaven with its amazing powers. Dio diary is the diary of Dio in which he had mentioned the ways and planned to reach heaven.

After Stardust Crusaders events, Jotaro Kujo finds the diary but burns it away, suspecting it perilous. Enrico Pucci targets him to extract his memory disc as he knew the contents of the diary.

So, if you want to get into heaven, you need the Dio Diary Aut.

How can You Obtain Dio Diary?

Dio diary is the diary of dio in A Universal Time. So, if you want to get the diary, you have to kill Dio. As of now, this is the only source that can take your 2D heaven quest instantaneously. 

Another way to get the diary is through Treasure Chest, which possesses only a 9 percent chance to get it or kill the Dio with a 10 percent spawn rate.

You can also attain the Dio Diary Aut through Goku quest, in which the dragon grants you a wish, and you choose Ascension.

What can you evolve through dio diary?

“The World Over Heaven” from “The World”.

“Star Platinum Over Heaven” from “Star Platinum” (which is currently unobtainable).

When Dio Diary is used on any of the stands, it will make it a lot stronger.


Dio Diary Is one of the powerful items obtained by following the methods as mentioned earlier. Dio Diary Aut has unique powers which make your gaming experience worthy. If you want more details regarding Dio diary. Visit here to learn more about the Dio Diary

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