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Doggypit Reviews (Jan 2021) Is the Deal Worth it?

Doggypit Reviews 2020

Doggypit Reviews (Jan 2021) Is the Deal Worth it? >> In this article, we explained to you everything about the fantastic pet bed available for purchase only on the official website.

Did you ever think that your dog needs the best care you can provide him? You must feed him with the right nutritious food, get him checked up regularly for health issues, keep him healthy and provide him with the best care. This also includes that you provide him with the best place to live and stay. It must be cosy and comfortable for the pets. 

Doggypit Reviews are going to talk about this beautiful Doggy Pit bed, a Stress Relief Dog Bed that can be ordered online on the official website as they ship to almost all countries like United States, India, United Kingdom, except a selected few. 

We will tell you everything about the product in this article, so do read it carefully. 

What is Doggy Pit Bed?

Exclusively designed for your pets, this product, as claimed on the website, proved to be very successful in reducing anxiety and stress for them. It is luxurious and at the same time comes your pet by creating a sense of security for your pets, a concept known and used by the therapists to ease anxiety among pets.

As seen by Doggypit Reviews, the raised rim provides head and neck, support, while the cosy filling offers relief from muscle and joint pain. And the best part, it is easily washable in the washing machine and dryer. And the design would look classy and fabulous in any house. 

Specifications of the product:

The following are the necessary specifications of the Doggy Pit bed and the website-

  • Colour options- Grey, pink, black, white and Brown. 
  • Size guide- XS- 50cm= 20 inches in diameter            
  1. S- 60cm=24 inches in diameter 
  2. M- 100cm= 39 inches in diameter 
  3. L- 120cm= 47 inches in diameter 
  • Stores available in- only available on
  • Price- $49.95
  • Email address- 
  • Shipping area- Worldwide, but not in Sudan, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. 
  • Return Policy- Within 14 days. 
  • Cancellation Policy- Cancellation or modification in orders accepted. 

Pros of the product:

Doggypit Reviews are going to mention the benefits of using this dog bed from

  • Various colour options to choose from. 
  • Proven to relieve anxiety among pets. 
  • Extra comfort. 
  • Easy to wash. 
  • Luxurious design. 
  • Ultimate size guide available based on pets’ weight. 
  • Can be used for other pets also. 
  • First, 100 orders free of cost. 
  • Return and refund guaranteed. 

Cons of the product:

  • No trustable product reviews are available. 
  • Seems to be fake and fraud. 

Is Doggy Pit Bed Legit and Safe To Use?

We cannot claim anything until more information is made available to us. The website does not provide any proper contact or owner information. Doggypit Reviews do not know the websites registration date. The company does not have any social media handles. 

We are very suspicious of this website and think that the promise of providing the first 100 free orders is also not authentic. Though the product is a simple pet bed and is safe to use, we cannot say anything about the website. The website can be a scam and fraud; therefore, we do not recommend it. 

Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, no reviews are available both online and offline. However, the website displays a separate customer reviews section, but we cannot trust these as they can be misleading and fake. 

Doggypit Reviews were able to see the online rating displayed on the home page of the website. The product has received a 4.4-star rating with mostly positive reviews from the customers. The customers have highly praised the services of the company and the design of the cosy fur bed for the pets. They have said that the orders arrive on time in the right conditions. Their pets have loved the bed, and they could see the changes in the pets’ behaviour from day one.

The customers have praised the design and luxurious look of the product, and they highly recommend it.

Doggypit Reviews would like to know your personal opinions about the website. If you have already used it and found the product safe to use and legit, then do let us know in the comments section below. 

Final Verdict:

For the product and websites promotion, the company is giving its first 100 orders for free by just paying the shipping price. This is not at all trustable. We do not find this website legit and safe to use. Therefore, to buy the pet bed, we ask you to look for some external reviews from authentic and trustable resources, if available. 

There are no proper contact details displayed on the website, and we could not even access the websites registration date. Everything is hidden, but this may be possible that the website is very recently registered and is not at all popular. 

As mentioned before in the article, the website ships worldwide, but not in a selected few country. So, if you are in the United States or any other country, you can buy the pet bed online from the comfort of your home. Doggypit Reviews would ask you to be very cautious while purchasing the product online on the official website. 


  1. DoggyPit is a scam,I have been waiting for the dog bed I ordered and paid for when I contacted them I kept getting the same email back each time saying “we’ve looked into your order and it is in transit”
    Then all of the sudden they completely ignored my emails and I still have no bed.

    1. I ordered two beds before Christmas 2020. I have sent 7 emails and no response. They took my payment off my credit card and have not delivered. Total scam

    2. I got scammed too and now the website is gone. It is gone. Sad how people take advantage of us:( is currently unavailable.

  2. I ordered one your doggy bed in Dec. of this year and told it was shipped on Dec. 4th. It has been 14 days since than and nothing. Maybe the report I have read about you is true. They say you are a scam. The order no. is 4175

  3. Its a scam!!! I placed an order for a free dog bed paying $20 for shipping. Received an email saying it was shipped. But using the order number and their tracking on their website it says no tracking assigned to that order. Ive emailed twice inquiring about it and have not received any response.

  4. I ordered a bed on December 2nd money was pulled out the next day. I’m still waiting for bed, or response from several emails I sent. No contact number to call.

    1. I ordered a bed the took my money but I’ve never received anything……that wS last year my emails have gone unanswred

  5. I ordered a Dog Bed in at the beginning of November and still have not received it 3 months later! Total Scam!

  6. This is a scam. I also, along with others noticed above, ordered a dog bed the first part of December on the free bed pay for shipping plan. I received an email that it had been shipped. I inquired about a tracking number and got a reply saying that the shipping I chose did not come with a tracking number and if I didn’t get the bed within 4 weeks to write back and they would send me a new one.
    Every week since the beginning part of January, I have been writing an email inquiring about my product, requesting a new one, refunding my shipping etc, and even just asking how their day was going all with no response. I’m finding the whole situation humorous even though I can appear quite snarky in my communication.
    Chalking this one up to experience and only ordering from reputable companies in the future.

  7. Doggy Pit is a SCAM! They stole my money and won’t return my emails! What’s worse, they quoted 6-8 weeks for delivery, and my bank won’t support me because we are now outside of the 60 day window to dispute! Doggy Pit is just like throwing your money away! Don’t do it!!!

  8. I ordered the bed also…in November….nothing yet….have tried to contact them but no response. How do you report them. They got paid. This is a scam evidently.

  9. DoggyPit is a SCAM – I order 2 beds and on December 7th I received an email stating that my order had been shipped. After not receiving my order for 2 weeks I checked the website for a status update which still said my order was in transit. I couldn’t find a phone number so I began sending emails at least once a week however I have flyer to receive a response or my order. I tried to check the website this morning and it asks me to come back…they’ve taken the website down.

  10. DoggyPit is a SCAM. I like many others ordered the bed end of October 2020. When the product didn’t arrive I sent an email. Was told I would have it in 2-3 weeks because they were behind with the huge number of orders. Of course I never got it and now they won’t even answer my emails. Like the other reviewers I went back to the website and it said to come back over and over so obviously they’ve taken it down.

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