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Doofancy Com Reviews {April}: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Doofancy Com Reviews {April}: Is It Legit Or Scam? >> Read the post to have proper knowledge about this online store and its customer’s feedback about its service.

Are you fond of collecting custom made products? Nowadays, the trend of buying custom products is increasing day by day, especially in the United States, where websites offering custom collection have increased. Due to this reason, most people are not able to find out a genuine and legit website. This article will talk about one such website named doofancy.com that offers a custom collection for your profession, hobby or passion. But the most important thing is to find out doofancy com reviews to know whether the website is trustworthy or not. Read our post, till the end to understand what customers say about the website and products it sells. 

What is doofancy.com? 

It is a website offering different kinds of custom products. You can easily find a custom collection for your profession, passion, home, and your hobby. Some of the products that are offered by the websites include houseware & kitchenware, vehicle accessories, electronics & accessories, custom made gifts, and tools & gadgets. You can buy almost everything you require daily from this website. 

But as this website is new, most people fear whether they will receive the product at their home or not. This can be sure whether the website is legit or not only if you read doofancy.com reviews properly. 

What are the benefits of using doofancy com?

This online store is for multiple users because this website has a lot to offer. From a hand sanitizer, facial steamer, toy cleaner to travel bottles, magnifying glasses, and the GPS tracker is available on the website. So, this website can be useful for homeowners, professionals, and travelers as well. 

Any website that has a lot to offer to the customers is useful in many ways. Some of the advantages of Doofancy.com are listed below: 

  • You can buy a lot under one roof. Whether you are looking for vehicle accessories, electronic items or houseware, and kitchenware stuff, you can easily get it all from this website. 
  • The website has HTTPS protection means you can easily share your information, and there is nothing suspicious on the website. 
  • The website also has Alexa ranking, which means you can trust this online shopping website because only a website with zero Alexa ranking cannot be trusted. 

As this website is only a few months old, it cannot be trusted much, and so anything you order from this website will be at your own risk. Only doo fancy com reviews can give you an idea about the trustworthiness of the website. Generally, most of the people are not interested in buying anything from a newly made website. Well, it takes a lot of time for a website to gain the trust of customers, especially and online shopping website where you have to share your details and pay money in advance. 

Doofancy com Specifications

  • Products like electronic gadgets, gifts, lifestyle items, kitchenware, and tools are available.
  • Shipping worldwide is available. 
  • Shipping charges are applicable depending on whether it is the regular postal shipping or express shipping. 
  • The product is returnable only if we complain made within 30 business days. Also, shipping charges are not included in the refund. 

All the privacy policies, including the shipping and refund policy a website look genuine. But only after looking at the policies, you cannot make purchases. Still, the most important thing is to look for doofancy.com reviews and then only you will come to know if the website is legit or it’s simply a scam. 

What are people saying about doofancy com? 

Before telling you what people are saying about doofancy com, you must know that the website has a terrible trust index. Moreover, there are not much doo fancy com reviews, but still, there are some customers who have ordered a product from this website, and they have got the product shipped. Still, many customers doubt the quality of the product they will receive, and many even don’t want to trust a newly built website. 


Doo fancy com is a website that offers many customs made gifts, electronic gadgets, and kitchenware to the people. But it is a newly developed website, and it cannot be trusted when it comes to paying money in advance and giving your details. So, anything you buy from this website will solely on your own risk. 


0 thoughts on “Doofancy Com Reviews {April}: Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. Recently I bought it a item from the page, but I want to return it, and nobody contacted me to sent me a link to return. I think I lost my money, dont trust this page doofancy.com

  2. I have ordered something from doofancy never received it. Sent an email to them. They asked for my order number but never responded back. I’m not gonna take the lose on this. I’m contacting the better business bureau.

  3. You suck and never respond took my money and got nothing. Gth
    Why would I waste my time with my name or email you don’t do shit anyway

  4. Order a product. Website says Kentucky but found out after ordering: it’s from China. Never got my product. Reporting this as fraud to better business bureau! Rip off

  5. Doofancy is the biggest fucking scam never received what I ordered they even went as far as giving me a tracking number do not order shit from this site

  6. Never received the products I paid for. Chinese Scammers. I used PayPal and 3 weeks later are in the process of issuing me a refund.

  7. I’ve order from then, the tracking number doesn’t work and every email I’ve send them comes back undeliverable. I thought it was an American company after hitting complete order I found out they are in China. I paid through PayPal and I intend on disputing the payment and I filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    1. This site is a scam i ordered something from them its been more than a month still havent received it and they are not willing to refund my money

  8. They took my money but never delivered my order. No reply to my email! Scam Chinese business. Never trust them again in my life. See how bad they treat people with Wuhan virus! Supplies with implant virus , test kits malfunctions….. So sorry I can’t trust them from little things to big things .

  9. Do you fancy.com is fraudulent. They list multiple states but it’s actually from China. I paid good money for product which I never received and this was months ago. A person by the name of Kas Maining responded Via email that the item went back to customs. She said customs would not pass it. But she refused to return my money. She said please wait. This was months and months ago. Please don’t ever buy from them. They need to go out of business. I have reported this company To the department of labor. SCAM!!

  10. Doofancy.com scam!! You will pay for the product but it’s coming from China and you won’t receive it. In spite of the fact the website lists multiple states. They keep changing the address. I wonder why that is?? We know why.

  11. I am glad to be a visitant of this everlasting weblog, appreciate it for this rare information!

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