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Dreamyher Reviews [July] Should I Buy From This Website?

Dreamyher Reviews 

Dreamyher Reviews [July] Should I Buy From This Website? -> This article provide helpful assistance for the buyers who wish to visit on a fashion 

Are you planning to buy online fashionable clothes, shoes, jewelry items, kitchen tools, accessories, etc.? How many websites are safe to purchase any trendy pieces from the online stores? If you are looking for an answer to such questions, this is the right place to find your answer. With the help of Dreamyher Reviews, we will analyze the shopping website selling fashion clothes and accessories. 

We are reviewing the website This article would be beneficial for you to choose the right website for purchasing any fashionable items online. This website has been established in the United States. This website is built up thematically eye-catching and enough to motivate the online buyers, but before buying anything from this website, read this article for further details about the site. 

What is Dreamyher?

Dreamyher is completely online fashion stores. It has offered vast amounts of discount. The multiple ranges of fashionable products like stylish clothes, shoes, jewelry items, kitchen tools, accessories, etc. Displayed accurately

The product designs and images are available very good looking, and it has been displayed on the web page with reasonable and discounted prices. If you decide to buy anything from this online store, think, “Is your money safe? Is this website legitimate? Or Is scam? We will describe appropriately to show if this website is legit or scam?

Specifications of Dreamyher

  • Type of Website: Complete Fashion Online Store
  • Shipping facility: Applicable worldwide 
  • Delivery/ Exchange time- 7-15 Days 
  • Refund Money- Within 14 Days
  • Email address-
  • Contact No. : 85281915515
  • Mode of payment- Online Payment Transfer

Pros of buying from Dreamyher

  • The online buyers can purchase any fashionable items from this website.
  • The products displayed at reasonable prices with a variable discount.
  • The products are exchangeable and returnable.
  • The product delivery Systems is speedy.     
  • The clothes & jewelry designs are fantastic.

Cons of buying from Dreamyher

  • The order placed only after advance payment.
  • No facility is available to cash on delivery (COD)
  • Shipping – not in favor of the buyers
  • The return of product cost excess of the actual price
  • Information on the website is misrepresented

Is Dreamyher legit?

This website has been secured with URL connection and protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) but not recommended to online shoppers for other reasons. The domain name of this website has been registered ten years back, according to the site. However, it’s not true, according to other scam detecting sites. Also, we have no positive feedback from online buyers. The online shoppers have criticized this website for its delivery services because so many buyers had placed the products ordered but never received.

The policy of money refund is very tricky, and also the system of return goods is not supportive. The cost of the returned product is worth more than its actual price and restricted to send back at the given address on the website. Even has not maintained its email server, and it is enough to considerer this online store is doubtful. It would not be beneficial for the online buyer to recommend this website is legit.

What are the customers saying about Dreamyher?         

The reviews of customers do not favor to this website because neither placed order has delivered nor buyers money is refunded. The positive feedback of the buyers has not been found on any social media platform.

The complaint of the customers has not been replied despite the fact that this facility has mentioned on the web page. The market recognition of this website has been rated poorly as the reviews of existing buyers. The company has indicated that the site has been created ten years back but is not true as per our research. It was only formed six months ago.

Final Verdict:

Everything looks excellent when you visit on this website, but the terms & condition and company policy is not in favor of the buyer. The images of products & prices have been displayed with massive discounts only to attract buyers, while the same has not been implemented until now. Even which information cited about the establishment of the company is not correct and mismatched with online reviews.

The presence of very few feedbacks on the social media platform cannot show the legitimacy of this website. It is, therefore, justified to put this website in the category of suspicious and scam site. 


  1. Ohh boy I don’t like to shop on line due to the fact I have been scammed before!!! Well as most of us cannot go to the malls due to the corona virus that being said I did place an order and I could track it till last Friday and know it should have been delivered and when I went to the website it no longer had my email address or my order name or number ☹️ Some how I just feel like I got had!!

    1. Hello, I’m trying so hard by emails to get from you the returning label or the address so I can send back the items that I have ordered trough your website; unfortunately I’m still not provided with any of this. If I don’t receive any response sooner I’m gonna fill up complain against your company and ask my bank to dispute the charges!

  2. I tried multiple times to get in touch with Dreamyher i never received my order i ordered months ago t.i even paid for fast shipping they kept giving me different order numbers. Its Horrible they just stold 40.00 dollars of my hard earned money they should be held accountable and taken down as a so angry 🤨🤨

  3. Dreamyher should be held accountable the just robed me out of 40.dollers never received my order and they make it very difficult to get in touch with them

  4. I thought that I too had been scammed, as my order had been sitting as ‘processing’ since the day I ordered. After a few emails asking the status of my order, I was informed that one dress was holding up the entire order, and they were sending my order without it, and could not guarantee when that dress may finally come back into stock. I was truly surprised when my order arrived within a few days. The quality is not the best, but I was happy with my most of what I received. One item is entirely too small, and I would love to exchange, but my guess is it would be a huge hassle to do that, so I will give it to a friend.

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