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Driving Test Website Not Working [August] An Insight!


Driving Test Website Not Working [August] An Insight! >> Read this to find out why the driving Test Website is not working.

It seems like people deemed it best to book their driving tests all in one day! Leading to chaos and eventually Driving Test Website Not Working

People in the United Kingdom had to face this issue recently on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency(DVSA)! They could not log into the website or book an appointment through it.

The good people who were livid with frustration took to twitter to vent it all out. 

What happened to the driving test website? 

According to news reports, thousands flocked to the driving test website to book their tests. It seems like everybody was eager to get through with the test after it reopened the DSVA, post-pandemic. 

The DSVA complained of the website received unprecedented demands, which led to the users not being able to finish their bookings. 

Numerous moved to social media sites like twitter talking about the Driving Test Website Not Working for 30 minutes or being stuck to the same page for over 4 hours.

The customers ranted on the social networking site by sharing screenshots of the message pop-ups on the website. 

Because of the DSVA, they deemed it best to shut down the site for the day on August 21st. However, they have promised all rebooking and other activities to resume after the 25th of August.  


  • The driving test website in the United Kingdom faced unprecedented demands on August 21stThis happened as the DVSA opened its doors because of a lax in norms amidst the pandemic
  • The people were stuck on the website for over four hours as they weren’t able to understand the issue Driving Test Website Not Working 
  • They complained of not being able to go through with the process
  • As a result, the website had to be shut down on the day
  • All the users were notified that they could initiate the rebooking from 25th July onwards so the DSVA can tackle all the backlog

What are the people saying about Driving Test Website Not Working?

People complained of being up since 7:45 in the morning to book a driving test but instead spending hours just refreshing the page.

One Driving Test Website Not Working complainer comments on twitter that his session kept timing out. He did make a call to the DSVA to clear the issue, but the calls were hung up or just cut. 

A user even calls the whole debacle a joke on her twitter handle. Like many, her page too kept crashing.


The Driving Test Website Not Working can be blamed on the heavy demand the server was seeing. This was a result of the DSVA reopening after months of being closed because of the pandemic.

People took to social media speaking of the outrages hours they spent in front of their screens, trying to book a test.

Everything has been sorted out, and notices have been sent out that allow people to rebook their tests on from the 25th August onwards.

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