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Ejector Kassel Labs io {Nov} Learn & Among Us GIF!

Ejector Kassel Labs io {Nov} Learn & Among Us GIF! >> Read about new feature that was introduced in viral online multiplayer game to make Ejector GIF.

People have adopted various ways to cope with this pandemic. And multiplayer online games have become a go-to for people of all ages.

Have you started playing new games? What was your experience with this online game?Are there any particular games that have been your favourite?

Although there are many games from Brazil available online, one game that has become a very famous is Among Us, this online multiplayer game has now seen a new update by Ejector Kassel Labs io and has become the talk of the town.

Let’s read more about this game!

What is Among Us? 

It is an online multiplayer game that is based on a space theme. The game can be played with a maximum of 4-10 players on three different maps. The players are divided into the roles of crewmates and imposters. 

The crewmates are assigned tasks that they have to complete, and the imposters are supposed to kill the crewmates before they finish their assignments. Imposters can also sabotage various areas of the space ship to delay the time taken to complete the tasks. 

Ejector Kassel Labs io has introduced a new feature at this ejector stage of the game. Generally, if a player’s dead body is found, then players can report it and discuss it in the discussion room. The suspected player is ejected from the space ship. .Let’s see what it is!

What is this new feature?

During the ejector phase, players can now create an ejection GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

Using Ejector Kassel Labs, people can now customize the interface of the ejector in the game. There are options to change the Among Us ejection GIF animation; there are 12 colour options. Players can also customize the text which they want to see.

The Ejector Kassel Labs io feature, which is appreciated, can upload a customized image in the animation. People have been using a lot of photos like emoji or other funny photos in this customization.

What is people’s reaction to this event?

People and gamers from all over the world like Brazil are thrilled with this game, and now this additional customization feature by Kassel Labs has been highly appreciated. People are using this Among Us ejection GIF with their friends during the game for many funny purposes. The part has been used mainly while kicking someone from the group, blocking someone, or firing a lousy person.

People have unreleased their creativity and are using the Ejector Kassel Labs io to its full extent.


Among Us is a viral multiplayer online game. This game can be played with a group of friends or with a bunch of strangers. The players are divided into the roles of crewmates and imposters. 

The crewmates have to do tasks, and the imposters have to kill or sabotage them to win. A lot of people have appreciated the interface and the gaming experience of the game. This new customization feature where people can change the Among Us ejection animation has been received very well among its players. The trending topic on the internet now is Ejector Kassel Labs io.

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