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Elontalk. com {July} Want To Know Details? Read Here

In this post, we discuss Elontalk. Com is a free platform built for Elon fans and getting viral recently over the internet. 

Do you know what Elontalk platform is getting viral recently over the internet? Tesla owner Elon Musk is one of the world’s most popular people and the richest man. Whatever he does or tweets is now viral on the internet. 

However, a platform made by an Elon fan for fans is trending in Indonesia and other countries worldwide. So, let us move further and know why it is getting popular over the internet and what Elontalk. Com has to offer. 

About Elontalk – 

The platform is a product of Elon Musk’s fans, a complex software project with technologies like AI, Machine learning, and much more. In essence, Elon Musk’s voice and lips are modified by the Elontalks.com website using AI (artificial intelligence) technologies from the Wav2Lip and Coqui.ai TTS programs. 

The website offers a service that enables users to produce films of Elon Musk speaking based on written submissions. You can choose from six videos to talk for your written speech and speak it for you.

How did Elontalk. Com got trending over the internet? 

Recently, a brief video of Tesla owner Elon Musk speaking about something has generated a lot of excitement on TikTok. Elon Musk appeared to include some of them when he mentioned the number of Indonesian content producers. 

Now, that video has gone viral and is trending over the internet with people watching from all over the world. The idea behind the platform makes it unique and more exciting, which is also one of the many reasons why the platform is getting viral over the internet.

How to make a video on Elontalk? 

Below is the step-by-step guide to using Elontalk. Com and make a video –

  • Go to the official platform.
  • Add no more than 280 characters in the “Type Text” section once the website page has loaded to alter Elon Musk’s speech.
  • Next, choose a video from the section of Elon Musk’s original video to insert the text onto.
  • Then select “Create Video” from the menu.
  • Hold off until the data merging, and conversion process is finished.
  • Finally, the engineered video will surface and be available for users to share. 

Users can watch the engineered video to spend time with friends or family. Users must be aware of the ethics of using Elontalk. Com, even though it is highly fun.

Final Verdict – 

We hope this post helped you inform about the Elontalks platform in detail. It’s crucial to keep in mind and take notice that the video of Elon Musk speaking can be considered a deepfake. Please be aware that deepfaking involves artificial intelligence (AI) manipulation of audio, video, or photos to make them resemble the original. Click here to check out the official platform

Have you already used this platform before? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below. Also, do share this Elontalk. Com post to inform others. 

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