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Embcc Patient Services Scam {March} – Is It Good Or Scam To Use?

Embcc Patient Services Scam

Embcc Patient Services Scam {March} – Is It Good Or Scam To Use? -> In this review, we will get to know about the healthcare billing company for the service you use.

Are you one of those who have faced problems while settling hospital bills? Are you looking for a patient billing portal for a fantastic experience? Today, we will learn about Embcc Patient Services Scam to find out if the website is legit.

A more significant number of companies are forming every day intending to solve billing process of hospitals, but many of them fail to do that. As the industry looks booming, people are trying their hands in the healthcare sector. Several people across the world are such services, especially in the United-States.

Such organizations try to lure customers by way of offering amazing discounts and several other benefits. But in the end, people feel like cheated and left with no other option. During these cases, people keep on using the services.

There are mixed Embcc patient services reviews online, and some have raised complaints about wrong billing details. If you are confused and want to find out more about it, then read the entire article below. 

Is Embcc Patient Services Scam?

When we go its website, it has got all the essential information which you are required to know. However, the contact details are missing. After a lot of research, we have realized there are a large number of complaints available about the companies and its policies.

Many people across the United-States are in doubt and said that there are errors by healthcare department by giving authorization to the company. When we look into history, we have found out that the site of Embcc patient services is almost two decades old and is working as per federal civil rights law. Therefore, we expect that such a big company cannot get involved in fraudulent activities.

What is Embcc Patient Services?

It is a billing company, which help you in paying for the healthcare services you use. The company claims to handle the billing for healthcare providers such as hospitals. Customers can make the payment online by filling a form on the company’s official website.

Though the company aims to offer amazing services, however, going by the patient’s reviews, it seems like they are involved in fraudulent activities. There are large numbers of complaints available online stating that people are receiving a bill for more than the actual amount.

Specifications of Embcc Patient Services:

  • Company Type: Healthcare billing services
  • Website link:
  • Company email address:
  • Customer Care Number: 888 703-3301
  • Live Chat Option: Available
  • Domain Age: 20 Years
  • Payment Modes: Accepts all payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex
  • Security: Secure Trust Trusted Commerce

Pros of Embcc Patient Services

  • Almost two decades old company
  • Option of live chat
  • Easy to use website
  • Accepts all types of Cards

Cons of Embcc Patient Services

  • Many reviews claiming it to be a scam
  • Negative reviews company employees
  • Does not provide 24×7 customer services
  • Office address missing from the website

What are customers saying about Embcc Patient Services?

The company is ancient and is doing business from the past 18 years. The website claims to have a commendable motive. However, most of the reviews online make it look like Embcc Patient Services Scam. People have mentioned that they are sending bills more than the actual amount, which is not right.

The company follows federal civil rights, but the available reviews state the opposite of the same. It has received mixed reviews from the people of United-States. The complaints about the company prove its legitimacy at risk.


After considering all the points, the site seems suspicious as there are several complaints raised against it. When it comes to the website, it is well maintained and comes with FAQ section, where customers can get all the answers to their question.

It is 18 years old website with regular updates relating to norms and standards. Customers who are facing issues could be misunderstanding which can be solved by connecting to their customer service team via email or given telephone number.

The website uses all the cyber act protocols such as https security along with antivirus to keep your details safe from the third party malware attacks. You can easily navigate through the website and can access all the essential information from the portal. 

We have shared both positive and negative aspects of the site and hope that you will find all this information useful. In case you want to share your experience or want to ask anything else, do let us know in the comment section.


  1. They are legit. I called the local hospital and verified this is a billing service many of their physicians use.
    I think the problem people are having is they are receiving multiple bills from different entities for their
    single visit to the doctor or hospital. Stuff trickling in over a few months is stressful.

  2. Just got their text, very leery about anything that I have an account with, especially when I never sign up with. Perhaps the Hospital that I use created such an account because their Billing office is overwhelmed or under staffed. I’m receiving bills from the hospital that are over a year old, though I pay them immediately I still get a call from their office complaining. that my payment hasn’t arrived. I check my account, the check I wrote cleared, so nobody in Billing is communicating. Hence, the EMBCC get a crack at me. I texted “STOP”.

  3. They are provider billing, separate from the facility and other departments. They are not a scam and people can verify them by contacting the facility they visited for their emergency or hospital stay.

  4. I just got a bill from EMBCC but it was not itemized and I could not tell from the vague
    description of “Emergency Provider Charge” what exactly I was being charged for. I had
    already paid my portion of a hospital ER visit that Medicare didn’t cover. This billing
    is for more than that bill. We need a LOT of reform on how billing is done by hospitals
    and the people they chose to handle billing.

    1. HEllo Cathy, the best way is to appraoch the billing departement to understand and resolve your queries. Please do good care of yourself.

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