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Enchant Closet Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It Legit Online Store?

Enchant Closet Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It Legit Online Store

Enchant Closet Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It Legit Online Store? -> This article is intended to safeguard innocent customers from frauds and any suspicious website like these.

The makers of fraudulent websites are so devious that nobody would tell that the website is a scam. Now you would think when the whole world is getting digitized, how to protect ourselves from getting trapped? If you want to know how this article is made for you. Go ahead and read it till the end.

Enchant Closet Reviews are nowhere found on the internet as the brand name is similar to a well known and reputed brand name “Enchanted Closet” in the market. It is a very predominant sign of a scam website as they try to mislead customers by using a similar brand name that already has its presence in the business.

The website has a secured connection and is SSL protected, but this has no surety that your information will remain fully protected. The brand has no presence on social media platforms. The brand has not even mentioned any of its contact details on the website. Few payment gateways retrain from tracking, and once you lose money through those gateways, there are barely chances of getting the money back. The contact detail of the owner of this website has also been deceived. The website is also purchased from domains by proxy that provides a domain of similar brand name and conceals the other information.

Enchant Closet is a United States based company that delivers its products all over.

What is Enchant Closet?

Enchant Closet is a clothing brand that sells massive variants of clothes for both men and women. It provides various options like jeans, bottoms, tops, jackets, dresses, skirts, etc. It is designed majorly to set the heights of urban fashion.

The Specification of the website:

  • Type of the product sold: Clothing brand
  • Webpage’s link:
  • Contact details: This information is absent
  • Return Policy: This information is absent
  • Shipping Cost: This information is absent
  • Email address: This information is absent
  • Online payment mode: American Express, Apple Pay, JCB, Master Card, Visa Card.
  • Refund Policy: This information is present

Pros of buying from Enchant Closet Reviews:

  • The website has a secured connection and is SSL protected.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use interface.

Cons of buying from Enchant Closet Reviews:

  • The owner’s name of this domain is mentioned as private.
  • The domain is purchased from domains by proxy.
  • There are no social media links available on this website.
  • There is no contact details mentioned on this website.
  • The website uses a few payment gateways that are non-traceable.
  • The website name is similar to a brand name that already exists in the market for more than eight years.
  • There is no customer Enchant Closet Reviewsfound all over the internet.

Is Enchant Closet a legit web page?

There is a brand that already exists by this name for 8 years and has fantastic customer Enchant Closet Reviews. Generally, any scam website intends to mislead customers to purchase a domain with similar or little twisted spelling in their brand name with a trendy brand in the market. This website is just three months old. The owner’s name of this website is private; also, the domain is purchased from proxy domains to conceal essential contact details. There are no social media links available on this website. 

There is no “About” section on this website, which is the most prominent part of any website. It has not even mentioned an email id to contact. This website uses few payment gateways that are non-traceable, and the chances of getting the money back are almost nil. The website does use a secured connection, but it does not mean that your information is fully secured on this website. These activities highly suspect this brand to be a scam. Hence this concludes that this website is not safe to use for online purchases.

What are people saying about this website?

There are no customer Enchant Closet Reviews found on the website or any other sources.

Final Verdict:

After having a detailed analysis on this website, it is visible that this website is trying to mislead customers by using a similar brand name with spelling twisted. As this website uses payment gateways that are non-traceable, getting your money back will be very challenging.

Hence it is concluded that it is highly advised to keep away from this website as it is a potential scam website. There are high chances that you won’t get anything in return after making payment on this site. 


  1. I just placed an order a few days ago… Only paid like $14 for the whole order. If I receive the order I’ll be sure to come back and update with a new comment. Let’s see what happens.

    1. I placed an order in July and still haven’t received it. I emailed them and have not received an answer from them. Thankfully I only spent 13.95, but still, I would stay away.

  2. I also placed an order a few days ago, I will make a point to come back if I receive the package within the 30 days the website says.

  3. i placed an order a few days ago and when i did i immediately got a notification that it has been shipped… ive been looking for reviews but haven’t found anything yet. if anyone gets their order please let me know. it might be like wish and take A LOT longer than it says. lets hope so.

    1. I have ben e mailing them for months dont do it it is a scam no products and out 13.95 usd told my baink and they got my money back and t going after them now so….. dont do it it is a scam

  4. I didn’t even think and ordered for around $17. I’ll update if I receive anything although now I don’t have very high hopes and I’m scared.

  5. I placed an order not to long ago and the same day it was said it has been shipped, so I searched the tracking number and nothing comes up so I think this might be a scam…unless it’s something like wish where it takes a couple months for your Stuff to come in

  6. I ordered clothes from here a week ago tomorrow and there has not been any updates on my order. I got a confirmation text saying it shipped but no updates on the website since. I went to track the package with the number it gave me and the website has said that there is no package with that number. I also paid for faster shipping. Luckily it was only 16$ all together. So weather I was ripped off or not it don’t really matter I guess.

  7. I ordered twice from this website back in august and what it’s October already almost going into November and still nothing. I’ve contacted the website around 10 times or more about my tracking I
    Number and how long I should wait to get my items. I never received a response. I don’t know if this website is legit but from the video, I’m starting to believe it’s a scam.

  8. I ordered Sept. 21 and waited the 30 days like the website says to. It’s now Nov. 2nd and I have no tracking number and no emails back about the stuff I ordered. My friend also ordered and didn’t receive anything. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER

  9. I ordered September 26th and today is November 4th and I haven’t received anything yet. I sent 4 emails with no reply either.

  10. No sir ..I’m still waiting over a year ..they closed there website down 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️..DO NOT GET ANYTHING FROM THEIR WEBSITE

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