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Fanmio Reviews (June) Everything You Need To Know!

Fanmio Reviews (June) Everything You Need To Know! >> Please don’t be in a hurry to meet your favourite celebrity by paying your hard-earned money. Please check this post first.

Have you ever visited a website that gives you a chance to meet your favourite celebrity stars? If not, you may read this post.

We will be discussing information related to a website that is offering you a direct chance to meet some of your favourite people from the United States who gained popularity through hit web series and Hollywood movies.

But what is the criteria to meet them? You will find all the information on fanmio.com. however, we suggest you read our collected Fanmio Reviews from different resources and then book your package deal. 

What is Fanmio.com? 

Fanmio.com is a platform that connects fans with their heroes and franchises with the help of a special and personal online video experience. 

Once you visit this website, you will get to know about the updates related to the celebrities you can meet. By paying some charges, you can allow meeting the hero. But is it true? According to the website, it is. However, we’ll check Fanmio Reviews and then come to any conclusion.

What is the Featured Event on Fanmio? 

There is a special exhibition displayed on the website at present regarding the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a YouTube star Logan Paul. Fanmio allows you to watch this match through pay-per-view.

This Epic match is going to take between an undefeated champion and a social media sensation, and Fanmio is a platform where you can watch it. 

When you buy the package costing $49.99, you will get the ticket and an exclusive t-shirt. However, you should spend this much only after reading previous Fanmio Reviews. 

What all is included in the Package offered by Fanmio? 

As already discussed, it is a costly package, so it was important to find out what all it includes. 

Let’s have a look: 

  • Special exhibition PPV (pay per view) 
  • Limited fight t-shirt 
  • Top 20 winners will get a chance to meet Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul on a video call
  • The top 5 winners will get a boxing glove signed by both the players

How this website works? 

There are three different packages including: 

  • Bronze: Shirt + CHANCE To Meet Paul Wesley costing $29.99
  • Silver: Personally Meet Paul Wesley costing $199.99
  • Gold: Personally Meet Paul Wesley + Autograph + Shirt costing $299.99

What are the Fanmio Reviews

Though the website is offering a dream come true opportunity to fans, it is charging a lot. So, we found a lot of negative reviews on all the social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More than 80% of the people are calling this application a scam as they wasted a lot of money and got nothing in return. 

Moreover, this website is old; established on 30th June 2017, and Fanmio has a great fan following on Instagram and other social media platforms; it is costly enough to believe. But, we cannot ignore the fact that Fanmio has received some of the positive feedback also on their Facebook page. 

Final Insight

On the basis of Fanmio Reviews collected from different sources, we would advise all the fans to use this website only after exploring well and going through all the customer reviews, as we have received mix of negative and positive reviews. You can even go through this link to collect more reviews shared by people online. 

Who is your favorite web series hero? Let us know your answer in the comments section. 

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