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Fine Hand-Engraved Knives Are a Hobby and an Investment. Proper Safekeeping and Care

Hand-engraved knife – what could be better than this gift for a knife enthusiast?

The functionality may implicate other special rates, such as an unusual dagger, grip, and outstanding craftsmanship. 

Nonetheless, the opportunity to sum up a hand-engraved silverware to your anthology is a fast way to create it as a souvenir. Such specimens may evolve into a family heirloom that will be passed down with the help of epochs.

If they are hunting knives or custom fixed blades or craft knives, Noble Collectibles ensures high-quality blades built by business knife designers in Europe. Below are some of everyone’s lovable hand-engraved knives.

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Is it expensive to collect knives?

If you buy mass-produced knives, then it is an affordable hobby. If you are ready to start collecting custom knives, that’s absolutely another level of expense. It may not be obvious when buying just one knife, but if you count and consider it together, knife collections can make a serious investment. To save your investment, you must know how to properly safekeeping and care for your knives.

Is it expensive to collect knives

Care of your custom or finely engraved knife

Almost everyone knows what it takes to care for a universal knife, including caring for the cutting edge and wiping it down after use. Meanwhile, keeping your custom knife as awesome as the day you first saw it is another matter entirely.

To protect the knife from moisture and rust, we recommend cleaning the knife from dirt, wiping dry with a cotton cloth, and polishing it with a special wax (For example, Renaissance wax, well established among knife collectors around the world.) Do not use too much wax.

A very small quantity goes a long way. Never oil your knife! This is an old way of the 20th century, which is no longer relevant. Even if a scabbard is a wood, do not use oil. Oil attracts small abrasive particles and dust. These particles will end up in the scabbard (no matter what it is made of) and will scratch the blade.

Care of your custom or finely engraved knife

Store your custom-engraved knives in a dry place free of sudden changes in humidity, shock, corrosive environments, and residual contact left by handling. Never dart knives, unless specifically designed for that use.

The weakest part of any knife is usually the most abused tip! Look after the point and the rest of the blade will follow. Under no circumstances use knives to pry, dig or cut. Use a mount, shovel, or ax for this. Do not store the knife in the sheath for a very long storage!

The chemicals used in leather tanning sometimes react with moisture in the air, causing even stainless steel to corrode! Condensation even inside the sheaths can provoke corrosion. If it is not possible to keep the knife in the open, in dry air, store it together with a quality desiccant in a special box apart from the sheath.

Conclusive opinions-

The craftsmanship affected in creating traditional blades is truly extraordinary. Most of the noble’s custom knives are inscribed and create a tremendous birthday, Father’s Day, graduation, fiancé, or even yourself gift. A custom-engraved cutter is a great addition to your or a beloved one’s knife collection.

Conclusive opinions Knife

Quality custom engraved knives increase in value over the years if they are properly cared for, and, undoubtedly, will continue to rise in price. The value of an investment knife is directly associated with the maker’s ability, longevity, reputation, art level, and knife-maker skill. Learn knives, collect knives, invest in knives, and most importantly, have fun with this exciting hobby!

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