Firestick Remote Not Responding {June 2021} Try These Fixes!

Firestick Remote Not Responding 2021

Firestick Remote Not Responding {June 2021} Try These Fixes! >> Many online streamers highly embrace the Amazon Firestick creation. The device offers a new TV and entertainment perspective. It is equipped with special technical features which ease the streaming experience. The Firestick contains a Bluetooth-enabled remote to help ease the control from any angle. Currently, Firesticks are compatible with Alexa voice control and advanced feature for Firestick users. Though modified with high-end quality, Firestick faces several technical hitches. It’s on rare occasions where the Firestick users think of problems arising from the Firestick remote control.  The majority of users tend to research how to reset Firestick or how to restart Firestick to solve the issues.  

Firestick remotes are designed differently, unlike the traditional cable TV remote. However, unless a problem persists, the users can use simple technical methods to solve Firestick, not working problems.

Firestick remote not responding

  • Dead batteries and wrong terminals entry

Firesticks are created with unique knowledge to provide quality streams. However, they use batteries for control. There are no rechargeable batteries for the device. Batteries are the main cause of remote not responding. Due to the constant usage, Firestick batteries tend to drain batteries fast. It’s dangerous to use the batteries as they burst and deposit residues on the connectors. 

The user should buy extra batteries to avoid inconveniences while streaming. In most cases, Firestick batteries last for two weeks. Alexa voice control is one of the reasons why the batteries drain quickly. Ensure to get the best brands for a longer lifespan. 

Wrong terminals are another challenge causing the remote not to respond. The batteries are indicated with positive (+) and negative (-) signs. The user should slide the batteries in the correct direction for the remote to work. If the batteries are new and not working, the possibility is that the terminals are entered in the wrong way.

Remote pairing 

A new Firestick remote is automatically pre-paired with the Firestick gadget. If not, the user can manually pair the remote. Pairing is a major issue causing remote not working, to pair following steps below.

  • First, plug in your Firestick device on your TV using the HDMI port.
  • Next, power the devices to continue.
  • Once the Firestick opens, press the home button on the remote for 10 seconds.
  • The gadgets will pair, and you’re good to go.
  • Suppose the process doesn’t work; hold down the home button again for 10-20 seconds. You can repeat the process several times until the devices pair.

Note Firesticks are designed to allow seven (7) Bluetooth devices. The remote control also is Bluetooth enabled.  In case you have pair other devices, disconnect one to allow for the remote controller.

  • Go to the Firestick setting page.
  • Next, select the controllers and Bluetooth devices on the menu.
  • The system will display the connected devices. 
  • Disconnect any device from the list and pair your remote control using the steps above.

Firestick buttons 

Firestick buttons might be damaged or not if the remote is not paired. The pairing process is easy, as described above. Once paired, the remote will function; you can also reset the device and pair.

  • Unplug the Firestick and TV from the power source.
  • Next, hold the following buttons simultaneously: back button, menu button, and the left part of the Navigation button (round button).
  • Hold the tab for 20 seconds or more.
  • Now remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Next, plug the Firestick and TV back on the power source.
  • Enter the batteries back on the remote and give it some time.
  • The devices will pair automatically. The user can also press the home button again for 10 seconds to pair.

Remote not compatible.

Firestick users should purchase both Firestick and remote from the same dealership. Remote controllers purchased separately don’t link/pair easily or don’t pair at all.  The majority of users cannot differentiate between the genuine Firestick remote and clone. This causes the remote not to work on your device.

  •  Amazon Firestick remote app

The Firestick remote app is an excellent backup plan once all the methods fail. The app is available on your mobile phone; download and install the remote app. Now you can use your mobile phone as the Firestick remote control. The app is open to Android and IOS users.

The above are the few easy methods a user can conduct on their Firestick remote. However, if none works, you can consult the Firestick dealer to check out more issues or get a new Firestick remote.

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