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Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament (Dec) Pros and Cons!

Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament (Dec) Pros and Cons! >> Do you want a peculiar and funny item as a Christmas ornament this year? Read this informative article on a one-of-a-kind product that is uniquely innovative.

With Xmas and New Year around the corner, are you looking to buy an exclusive item for Christmas?

A Christmas ornament that will make for an excellent gift item as well as a great addition to your Christmas tree.

It sounds like a fun concept! You must be excited to buy it. But what is it called, and where can one buy this product? 

The unique product is available online at a website based in the United States at a reasonable price.

It is called the Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament.

The website is currently offering a 5% discount if you buy two or more dumpsters, a 10% off if you buy three or more, a 15% off on four or more, and a 20% off on five or more dumpsters.

Before you head to the website to make a purchase, let us tell you more about it through the informative article below.

Let’s read it together.

What is Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament?

This cute product is an ideal gift to sum up this momentous year. Besides being a perfect gift item, it can also be an exquisite hanging from your front door, car mirror, or wherever you choose to represent the year 2020.

The product is a dumpster fire that can ornate your Christmas tree or even the rearview mirror of your car.

One can get as creative as one wants with this innovative item.

What Makes the Product So Unique?

Its peculiar name Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornamentgives it a touch of peculiarity.

Its name also adds a good laugh to this product. You can say that the product welcomes the idea that you can dump down all the bad memories of 2020 and look for a happier 2021.

Its name means that the dumpster fire of 2020 is almost over, and we welcome 2021 with folded hands.

Even the kids love it for its innovative design. 

The dumpster is made to order by assembling multiple 3-D pieces. And can you imagine, a handmade ornament represents the dumpster fire? The shell of the ornamental acrylic and the building has reinforced paper for durability.

So, are you all set to buy it? We suggest that you first explore the product more through the following sections of this article.

Specifications of Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament:

  • Product type- Christmas ornament
  • Available online at
  • Cost of the product- 12.99$
  • Colors available in- Red, blue, yellow, green, and gray
  • Dimensions of the product- 3 ¼ inches width, 4 ½ inches height, and 2 inches depth 
  • Battery- CR2032 Button cell 
  • Shipment time- 5-7 days
  • Shipping fee- Free
  • Returns- Within 14 days 
  • Returns Email-
  • Mode of payment- Online through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, Apple Pay, and PayPal

Pros of Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament:

  • A unique and funny keepsake is ideal for holiday use as well as after 
  • The product works on an easily replaceable battery.
  • Easy to operate with an on and off switch
  • The product is high in durability.
  • Suitable for personal decoration as well as a gift item
  • Portable and handy 

Cons of the product:

  • Only a limited number of items are available in stock.
  • The product is only available online and not in stores.
  • The product is new to the market.

Customer reviews on Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament:

Flickering Dumpster Fire Ornament product enjoys a five-star review from its customers on its website. Even though the product is new, it has glowing reviews from customers on other online platforms.

The customers are buying it and sending it to their loved ones to make them laugh and bid farewell to 2020 on a hilarious note.

Final verdict:

This product can be aptly called the dumpster fire of 2020! The best part is that this item does not just commemorate Xmas or new year. After the celebrations are over, it can be a great addition to your other decorative items indoors or outdoors.

We suggest that you can go ahead and purchase this product. 

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