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Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website {Aug} Some Facts!

Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website {Aug} Some Facts! >> This post has shared the complete details of the newly launched website by the famous celebrity for supporting his conspiracy theories.

Many people from various countries, especially the United States and Canada, are eagerly searching for the Frank Speech website. 

Are you one of them? Or are you looking for what’s this website about? If so, don’t worry! This post will discuss all of your queries regarding this trending term. 

So, before jumping on the main news, let us remind you of the recent cyber symposium that has taken place by the famous celebrity Michael James Lindell. Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website is about him that has sparked many controversies and debates. 

Who is Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow Company. He is an American businessman, entrepreneur and conspiracy theorist. Also, he is a big supporter of former President Donald Trump, which sometimes keeps him in headlines and social media.  

Recently, without any evidence, he promoted the toxic plants during the COVID-19 outbreak and supported Donald Trump with a claim that last year elections were overturned, and still, he continues to spread the conspiracy theory. Due to these actions, he was banned from social media, especially Twitter, for spreading meaningless theories. Also, he has announced his Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website, which means free to speak. 

Is the site genuine? Let’s know the facts!

To find the legitimacy of this site, we have performed depth research and come to know the given facts. 

  • The domain of this website is young, 154 days old. 
  • The owner of the website is Mike Lindell
  • We found a trust score of 2%, which is quite obvious in the new domain.
  • It has HTTPS secure website
  • The website has shared social media icons to share and promote the website. 
  • The site uses malware protection.

As per these checkpoints, we have found the site looks pretty okay, and we are saying it is because it’s a new website and Owner details are cleared. 

About Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website

This is a recently launched website announced by Mike Lindell. Besides getting banned from Twitter, still, he is promoting himself and his theories by creating this website. In his recent cyber symposium event, he was about to share the evidence for last year voting overturn. He posted over social media by supporting his friend Donald Trump with a captions of 2020 election and COVID-19 scams, and he has proof on the same. After this post, his post was taken the internet by storm, and it had become viral news. 

But when the time came, Mike stepped back and announced in the media that he becomes the victim of cyber attacks, and all his data is lost. But now, he has started Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website to share all his thoughts. For more details on the cyber symposium, click here.  

The bottom Line

To conclude, it is a newly launched website designed by Mike Lindell that has to speak freely about his opinions and theories related to the 2020 elections. Also, this website is his alternative to talk about Donald Trump since Twitter has already banned him for spreading false information about elections and other his conspiracy theories. 

Do you think he is spreading false news over the internet? Do you support him on his Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website or not? Please share your opinions in the given comment section.

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