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Fruitdeal Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or Scam?

Fruitdeal Online Website Reviews

Do you want to buy new toys? This post is for you with all points, including shopper’s Fruitdeal Reviews about the website’s legitimacy.

Are you looking to buy fruits like mangoes? Hopefully, you will get the information for the website’s legitimacy here. So, please read till the end.

There are so many online websites offering a variety of fruits in excellent prizes worldwide, including India. Here we have a website, Fruitdeal, claiming several products like kids wear, dry fruits, mango, cycle, toys, chair, etc.

Let us look forward and check shopper’s Fruitdeal Reviews to learn more about the website’s authenticity.

What is Fruitdeal?

Fruitdeal is an ecommerce portal that holds a collection of many different items like fruits like mangoes, dry fruits, toys, kids wear, and so on. You can avail of its facilities in many countries.

The products look unique and very stylish and also presently the good amount sale is running on the portal. All the significant policies points have been mentioned on the webpage. 

As we noticed, the website is new in the market, so before placing an order, we have to make sure about the reality of the podium: Is Fruitdeal Legit or Fake?

Features About Fruitdeal

  • The URL of the podium is
  • The email support has given, i.e.,
  • The contact number has also been shared, i.e., 1800-236-236.
  • The company location has been shared on the portal, i.e., 125, Niyati Shopping center, chalthan.
  • The products offered by the company, i.e., kids wear, toys, dry fruits, mangoes, hoverboard, etc.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., pages links have been present, but no one is active.
  • Users’ Fruitdeal Reviews are found on the trustpilot and many other portals.
  • For your order, you can pay online by VISA, PayPal, etc., and cash on delivery.
  • It has taken approximately five days of standard delivery time.
  • It is accepting return/refund/exchange within 10 days for India; for out of India, it is 20 days from the date of invoice.
  • The website is fully secured by HTTPS and SSL integration.

Positive Factors of The Website

  • All the communication modes like company address, contact number, email address, etc. are present on the website.
  • Users’ Fruitdeal Reviews are found on the trustpilot and many other portals.
  • You can pay here online as well as cash on delivery.
  • The website has a security certificate.

Negative Factors of The Website

  • The website is too new in the market, just four days old.
  • It has a below-average trust rank.
  • There is no activity on the social networking sites as all the links have been shared.
  • We found the reviews as all are unfavorable.

Before moving ahead, we have to check all the significant points about its legitimacy so let us see significant points.

Is Fruitdeal Legit or Fake?

Let us have a look at the following points:

  • The domain creation age is just four days old. The date is 22/03/2022.
  • The expiration date is 22/03/2023.
  • The website holds a 60% trust score which looks reasonable.
  • The website is holding 38.1 out of 100, which is below average.
  • The website has plagiarized content.
  • The founder information is hidden, so we do not know the owner’s name.
  • There is no page active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest while links have been present on the URL.
  • All the policies point has been mentioned clearly.
  • Shoppers’ Fruitdeal Reviews are available on the trust pilot and other websites.
  • The sale is running on the portal.

Moreover, the website looks possibly a scam as we considered the reviews, so please research well before placing any order.

Customers’ Reviews

Fruitdeal has the products like fruits, dry fruits, toys, kids’ wear and much more at very reasonable prices, and sale is also going on the portal.

As we move here and there, we found one review on the trust pilot, and the user is quoting that it is a fake website and on the other portals, same feedback is available. There is no good line or Fruitdeal Reviews available anywhere.

So please check the way how to save your money from credit card scams.

The Final Verdict 

In final thoughts, we collect a few points like new domain age, below-average trust rank, negative shoppers’ reviewsno social media active, fake company address, etc. that happens to make the website possibly a scam.

Please be aware from the link how to protect your amount from PayPal scams.

Do you have any items from Fruitdeal? If yes, please write your comments in the below feedback segment of this Fruitdeal Reviews post.

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