Website Reviews Reviews [Nov] Is This a Legit Website?

funky step Christmas ornaments 2020 Reviews [Nov] Is This a Legit Website? -> Read the content to know about the reviews of that sells a wide range of useful items.

As we know, the biggest eve of the year is arriving soon, and we all are ready to go shopping for Christmas. So, today we are here to explore

In today’s content, we will have a glance over the reviews, as it will help us to decide the legitimacy of the website. As many of you are eager to know about this website, let’s have a look over it.

As there are many e-commerce portals available that sell funky items at cheap rates, but all we have to do is choose the better website that sells cost-effective funky items and deliver the items on time.

People of the United States are always curious to purchase funky items, especially during Christmas Eve. So, today we are here to explore funky step ornaments for you. Readers carry on your reading to gain knowledge about this website.

What is

It is an online website that sells stylish and useful products that have some uniqueness in it. The primary purpose of the products available on the website is to provide the customers with funky items that can make their life easy and smooth. 

The about us page of the website contains all the relevant information regarding the website. Moreover, the website has also shared its shipping policy and brief information about its terms and conditions.

As Christmas is about to come, the website has made a new arrival section in which it has mentioned the funky step Christmas ornaments available for the buyers.

To know more about the website, let’s have a look over its specifications:

Specifications of

  • Type of website – an online store with a wide range of useful items.
  • Payment method – Visa, MasterCard, PayPal
  • Company email id – Company address – Not available
  • Shipping cost-free shipping for orders from$50+
  • Refund – available
  • Return – within 30 days of purchase

Pros of using

  • The website has special funky items for Christmas eve
  • The website provides gift items along with the purchased items.
  • A facility of refund is also available.

Cons of using

  • reviews are not available.
  • The website is quite new.
  • The contact details are not mentioned completely.

Is is legit?

As legitimacy of the website is must to be known before purchasing anything from it. So, we also searched this website online on various platforms to examine whether the website is to be trusted or not.

During the search, we came to know that the website was registered a few months back, only that is on 23 July 2020. Due to which it has not received any reviews from the customers. The website has shared relevant information about the funky step ornaments available with them.

But the website does not share the proper contact details of the company, which is the negative point highlighted during the research.

The website has its social media presence too. The website has its Facebook page with a good number of followers, and people have also shared their experience on Facebook. It has also shared more than 100 posts on Instagram.

Since the website is new and does not receive any customer reviews so at this moment we cannot say anything about the legitimacy of the website.

What are people saying about

Since the website was registered a few months back, so it does not have any buyer’s reviews yet. So, we searched this website online on social media to have an idea about the reviews of the people.

The website needs time so that it can get some reviews, which will further decide its legitimacy. So, for now, we cannot generate an opinion about this website.


The website is new. It sells unique, stylish, and selected funky items that can provide ease to the customers. The website has answered all the common queries faced by the customers so that they cannot face any issues during the purchase.

The website has shared its service policy, terms, and conditions and its return and refund policy with the customers. The website has a social media presence with a well-maintained Facebook page.

Since the website has not received customer reviews, so at this moment, it is difficult for us to say that this website is trustworthy. So, readers, I suggest you wait for some time so that the website can get the reviews.


  1. I just ordered the Christmas ornaments but my final receipt is NOT the info submitted and is NOT my pay pal account. The contact address for this company comes back invalid. I sure hope this isn’t a big scam.

  2. The company email that you have listed for this company is invalid, there is no way to contact FunkyStep and yet they immediately sucked $50 from my Visa, via PayPal. I don’t even have a Pay Pal account. The name PayPal has for FunkyStep is “Meteor Co. Ltd.” I am currently in contact with both PayPal and my Credit Card Company. Buyer Beware.

  3. I also ordered Christmas ornaments on 11/11. The amount was taken from my account right away through PayPal. I received a shipment notification but that page is no longer available so I have no access to my tracking number. I emailed the email address they give but no response. I’m afraid this is a scam website which is really unfortunate for me and many others I’m sure. Buyers Beware.

  4. Ordered $70 worth of ornaments 2 weeks ago. Have not recieved any product. Have reached out to them for tracking number. Still waiting.

    Starting to get concerned.

    1. They sent me a tracking number with a link to track it – but it looks very suspicious and not like a legitimate tracking number so I’m not clicking on it. I guess I will be filing a PayPal claim. Ugh…

  5. I think it’s a scam. I ordered ornaments. Received a shipping notice that goes to a non-existent website. Money is gone. No response to email. And because it’s PayPal, there’s no payment recourse.

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