Gabattleground com (Jan 2021) A fundraising Platform!


Gabattleground com (Jan 2021) A fundraising Platform! >> Do you want to know about a fundraising website? Then, do not forget to read this post.  

Do you want to contribute to the American republic amid all the controversy? Gabattleground com offers every citizen in the United States to donate their part for the American Republic Citizenship Committee.

Even though you mean goodwill for your country, contributing to a fundraising website can be tricky. The most common question people ask is, where does their contributed money go? Many people doubt the authenticity.

Amid various controversies, citizens criticize the government initiative and step back from helping the right leaders visualize a better country. 

What is

Gabattleground com is an online fundraising site. The site is launched on 10th November 2020 and seems to motivate people to contribute a significant donation to Georgia milestone capital.

The site seems to collect money to support the republican senators and the Trump Foundation. You can get a minimum of one dollar contribution to the website. 

The site asks for your social security number and verifies your authenticity, and the donation amount is automatically debited from your card. 

Republic Senator Controversy:

Republic senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler own a stock market company and are the former United States Republican associations. 

News is such that they tried to manipulate their stock rating by themselves buying the stocks is to increase their worth in the market before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Once they got the insider news that the pandemic will cause the market downfall, they beforehand sold the stocks at a higher rate before the official global warning and the entire stock market dumped low. 

Is Gabattleground com legit? 

The site asks for your social security number to authenticate your identity, which we feel is a strategically designed trap. The site is just 28 days old, and there is no proof of the site’s authenticity. 

The initial impression of the site is quite remarkable. Still, after the stock market controversy by the republican senators, some people might feel that the contribution is yet another chance to plan some more drastic fraudulent plan. 

Gabattleground com does not seem legit to us, and we would strictly warn you not to share your social security number or credit card details on the website. 

The site takes recurring weekly donations from you, which means the donation is like a subscription, and the amount will be deducted from your account every week without your permission. 

The site might be a rigorous attempt of cyber fraud to get your credentials and personal details, and we all know that with a social security number, a person can know about your entire life.

Final Verdict:

You might find millions of fundraising websites lurking for you t get trapped into their game. We would strictly inform you that Gabattleground com is not legit, and donating to this site can be your biggest mistake. Please comment below if you find this review helpful and share your views on these fake fundraising websites. 


  1. Thank you. My husband got on this cite to make a donation and as he was telling me what he would have to place on the cite to donate I suggested that he get out of his cite then I looked at it. My husband called Senator Perdue’s office and left a message about and where he should mail a check.
    Shawna Spencer

  2. Mitch, you need to come to the President’s aid and ensure he isn’t cheated out of an election. I find it concerning how quiet the establishment Republicans have been re this. Get your priorities straightened out. We Republicans will remember this upcoming election.

  3. Of course I,d rather donate my few dollars to a couple of Soros, Bloomberg backed commies. I don’t think that McConnel would lend his name to a scam. What ever the two Senators did wth their own money pales compared to your guys the Bidens

  4. Get that whiney bitch Trump out of the Whitehouse!! Save our country from this lying, cheating hater of America! He had four years to “Make America Great Again” but failed miserably! GET OUT TRUMP YOU LOOOOOOSER!!!!

    1. If you think Trump is a negative just wait till that lying corrupt crooked son of a bitch Biden gets in there. China will own America in 2 yrs. Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time and he needs “DR” Biden to hold his hand while he reads the teleprompter. Biden says his crooked ass son Hunter is the smartest man he knows which shows how stupid Biden is. Hunter the drug addict, tax-evading, money laundering, lying, Stripper screwing, DNA denying, piece of crap. Just wait, Obama would not even back Biden till he won the nomination after he got knocked out 2 previous times. What a mistake. Harris will be president within 6 months.

  5. I saw Mitch on the people’s senate floor today 12/15/2020, congratulating Biden
    And Harris I was discusted , how can Mitch McConnell congratulate a man
    Who has committed treason to this country ?? I would not donate a penny to the Republican Party after seeing that. The only fund I will donate my hard earned money to is stop the steal and Presidents trumps defense fund. Republicans will sink
    Like the titanic If they don’t start supporting Trump NOW , we the people do not want Trump to concede for any reason …

  6. I agree this site is attempting to prevent people from helping the republican senators in Georgia. where can go to donate in peace without the cheaters trying to convince us that we are wrong to support the republicans. Bah Humbug. Shame be upon you all.

  7. Fight for Trump or we won’t fight for you , Mitch was on the people’s senate floor today congratulating Biden what a disgrace , Mitch are you aware that Biden tried to steal the election from we the people ??
    Support Trump now or the Republican Party will sink like the titanic

  8. Google and others are making it hard to go to this site ( ) to donate …. DodBuzz seems to be committing the fraud

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