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15 Reasons Why You Should Not be Afraid of Getting Dental Implants

Nervous about getting dental implants? Don’t be. The painless, quick procedure is the best method for achieving a natural and confident smile.

The ideal solution to missing or loose teeth is dental implants. Not only do they preserve your natural facial contours, but they also protect your remaining teeth. Although the thought of surgery can cause many to get jitters, dental implants are a minimally invasive procedure with an excellent outcome. Instead of sticking to old-fashioned dentures which are prone to falling or choking, we will give you reasons to book your next appointment to get your dental implants. We have provided you all the reason that you should not get afraid in the time you are doing dental implants. To provide you more information on this topic we suggest all of our viewers to click All on 4 implants on lower jaw and create some new idea.

Planned Procedure

Like any surgical procedure, a dental implant surgery follows a detailed plan starting from investigations like X-rays/CT scans and other alternative treatment options. You may also need to be treated for periodontal diseases before undergoing the procedure. 

An experienced dental surgeon like those at Marylebone Smile Clinic with years of expertise will be able to produce satisfying results so that you can confidently display your pearly whites.

Sedation & Local Anesthesia

As dental implants are an invasive procedure that involves your jawbone, most patients fear that they will suffer from an intense amount of pain. Many patients claim that the pain is less than during a tooth extraction. However, the entire process will be done using local anesthesia, which means while awake, you won’t be able to feel anything as the procedure takes place. 

Nevertheless, if you feel too anxious, your surgeon may provide you with sedatives and anti-anxiety medications to help with the jitters before the surgery. 

Modern Techniques Eliminate Discomfort

Advancements in dental surgery are both awe-inspiring and revolutionary. These days, the surgical process is minimally invasive with minor disruption to your gums and the use of self-absorbable sutures to close any incisions. These sutures don’t need to be pulled out. 

Any discomfort or pain postoperatively can be managed with over-the-counter medications.

Trust Your Dentist 

A dental implant is a common surgical procedure that your dentist will be familiar with. You can inquire about their experience and success rate regarding the surgery for reassurance. Furthermore, the post-surgical management following implants will also be supervised by your dentist to reduce the risk of any complications. Thus you can leave all the matters related to your mouth to the expert.

Know What to Expect

This will be discussed by your dentist in detail prior to surgery during the consultation. They will walk you through the procedure itself as well as instruct you on the restrictions and advice following the surgery. Knowing what to expect for your procedure will help ease your mind and build up trust with your dentist.

Guaranteed Success

Dental implant surgery is a relatively safe surgery with a tremendous success rate of 95%. With good cleaning practice you can ensure that the implants last you a lifetime. Complications are rare and can be treated early on. In the unfortunate event of implant failure, your dental surgeon will remove the bone graft and replace it in 3-6 months.

Quick Procedure Saves Time

The average time for a dental implant is less than an hour. This is even less if it involves only installing one implant without tooth extraction. Multiple teeth will require more time but not much, so rest assured you won’t have to spend all day in the dental chair. 

Nowadays, advanced technology has led to precise work that saves time with excellent results. CT scans generate a 3D model of your jaw to help your dentist determine the exact position of the implants. 

No Missing Workdays

Unlike most surgeries requiring up to a week off, including the hospital stay and recovery, dental implant surgery requires only one day to recover.

This means you can have your work done over the weekends and dazzle your colleagues with your smile on the next workday. This is why dental implants can easily fit into your busy work schedule.

Implants are Durable

Dental implants are durable, unlike dentures and partials, which can require replacements. If your implants function without fault for the first year, the chances of failure in subsequent years are negligible. In fact, with good care, you won’t need to replace your implants at all. 

No Worries About Food Restrictions

Contrary to public belief that you need to follow a strict long-term diet after implant surgery, rest assured that isn’t the case.

Although a soft food diet and avoiding alcoholic beverages is recommended immediately postoperatively, you can return to a regular diet within a week or so.

It is more likely that your food options will improve following the implant placement. You will now be able to enjoy food more than you did with a missing, chipped tooth or dentures. 

Dental Implants Protect Other Areas Of Your Mouth

Following tooth loss, the underlying jawbone undergoes atrophy and bone loss due to a lack of stimulation from chewing movements. However, implants that replace your teeth’ roots mimic your natural teeth, thus protecting your jawbone.

If you have a missing tooth, the other teeth will try to compensate for it. However, each tooth is designed to serve a different function and may become overworked. The additional stress causes the teeth to fill in the gap from the missing tooth. 

Implants take over the burden from the other teeth by supporting the chewing movements and protecting your remaining teeth. 

No Need To Worry About Your Smile While Your Implants Heal

If you are worried that you need to cover up your mouth while smiling because of the gaps from missing teeth, your dentist has got you covered. They will provide you with dental crowns, temporary dentures, or bridges to compensate for missing teeth. These will be replaced with your new implanted teeth afterwards.

Implants are Non-reactive

Many patients are often worried that implants will lead to a reaction from the metal. On the contrary, the titanium in implants is harmless to living tissue. The bone grows around the titanium and implants integrated with your jaw bone. There is also no risk of corrosion or rust. Despite being metallic, the implants are lightweight so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort. 

You can comfortably use the implants for decades to come, free from any concerns for adverse reactions.

New Makeover

It is natural to worry how the implants will affect your facial appearance. Furthermore, unlike dentures which are removable, dental implants are more of a permanent addition to your mouth. 

However, remember that dental implants are specifically designed to fit your mouth with the color matching with your natural teeth. The manufacturing process is painstakingly precise to create implants that seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. They are also more comfortable to bite and chew compared to dentures. You will be missing out by not making use of such advanced technology.

Worthwhile Investment

Dental implant surgery can get quite expensive. However, if you want to factor in the upkeep and replacement of dentures, partials, or bridges, the dental implant is a better economically and time-wise alternative. 

The implant surgery is a one-time splurge with occasional visits to the dentist for checkups. On the other hand,  cost build-ups from multiple visits for other temporary fixes outweigh their cheaper prices.

Finally, the implants will be well-spent given their benefits. Ultimately, your smile is priceless, and going that extra mile to smile freely is worth every penny. 


It is natural to be apprehensive about surgery, even if the dental implant is minor surgery. The precise planning process, painless procedure, minimum discomfort, and high success rate make it a superior choice for those seeking to improve their oral care.

Under the guidance of experienced hands, you can regain your smile. Don’t suffer from gaps in your teeth and delay getting your implants. After all, life always gives you reasons to smile that shouldn’t be missed.

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