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Gloom Wordle {June 2022} Know The Wordle Answer Here!

This post shares every information to solve your query about Gloom Wordle and additional facts about a recent solution to the Wordle game. 

Are you perplexed by the recent solution to Wordle’s puzzle? Worldwide users have already noticed Wordle’s users and popularityand thousands of people are big fans of the game. They keep playing and solving the riddles almost daily. However, at times the given letter hints to form words are challenging. Since it gives six tries, users keep exploring the web to find the right solution. So, let’s inform you about the recent solution associated with Gloom Wordle.

What is the correct option for June 6, 2022, Wordle?

Among a few users, Wordle 352 was simple, but for several others, it was challenging. First, the term was a strange noun. Participants usually receive six tries to answer the following question and a few hints. 

Do you want to discover what the most important hint is? This phrase describes the emotion of sorrow. Consider that you may need to think beyond the boundaries. GLOOM is the solution to Wordle game number 352. Many Wordle participants explore the web before hitting the right solution and found Gloom Wordle challenging to solve.

Steps to play Wordle:

  • You must visit the official web page of the New York Times to play Wordle, the word-guessing riddle, or gameplay. You can check it on any device, including tablet, mobile device, PC, or browser window.
  • Wordle is a 5*6 puzzles or riddle in the grid box.
  • It would help if you thought and used your vocabulary knowledge to find the right option.
  • Six tries are given to each participant once every day.
  • Tap on the enter tab after typing your preferred five-letter word or phrase of the specific day.

Clues of Gloom Wordle:

  • The below-mentioned suggestions will assist you in determining what the solution might be.
  • There were two vowels in the term.
  • The alphabet G is the first letter of the phrase.
  • The phrase is ended with the alphabet M.

However, the correct option has to repeat letters, making it challenging for users to solve Wordle.

Color choices in Wordle:

  • The hues of the alphabets entered by the users in the Wordle’s grid boxes usually change, which are as follows:
  • The green alphabet exhibits the right choice. 
  • The grey color alphabet exhibits the incorrect choice for Gloom Wordle
  • The yellow exhibits that the alphabet is not in the right place. 

Wordle Game details:

Josh Wardle, a software engineer, conceived and created Wordle, which is now owned by the firm the New York Times. The challenges in the Wordle game fluctuate each day.

So, it gets challenging for users at times to predict the right choice. You may go to the New York Times’ official web page to get additional details.


Wordle, the game, is being played by many users across the planet, and it entices others when users share their scores to complete with online rivals. Also, the option for Gloom Wordle 352 implies total or partial darkness. 

The term refers to a feeling of depression or despair. Also, read more about Wordle here. Are you satisfied with our post on Wordle, where the option is Gloom? Then, share which words you tried to reach the right choice.

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