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This article is all about the Halloween celebration by Gma Halloween Costumes 2021, which would be enough to know about the Halloween celebration.

As it is a month-end and a week of scary Halloween, people of the United States are getting into the groove with their best horror character dresses and makeup to scare everyone. How can the cast of Good Morning America remain behind, as they are a step ahead for the upcoming Halloween 2021? Good Morning America, one of the famous news channels, decided to surprise their viewers by presenting their anchors in Halloween costumes. 

The team of Gma, before the upcoming Sunday holiday, decided to present a skit inspired by the horror film “Scream.” The skit presented scenes from horror films, thus presenting a theme for Gma Halloween Costumes 2021. 

About Halloween :

Gma orGoodmorning America news channel surprised its viewers by presenting a skitdressed as a Halloween character inspired by the horror film “Scream.” The show started with “David Arquette“,the original star from the film, making a cameo in the show. GMA posted a video of their studio on their Twitter page with a caption.” Looks like something scary at Times Square Studio,” and the clip started with LaraSpencer walking the studio surrounded by an ominous Fog. 

The whole studio was designed with the combination of real scenarios and graphics, spooky library designs, and the golden purple hoardings which read “GMA Halloween” and the anchors dressed as spooky characters, thus showing collections of Gma Halloween Costumes 2021.

The footage also showed Drew Barrymore from footage from the original film, picking up a call and asking, “Who is on the call”? And the anchor replied, “wats that voice” Drew confirmed it was popcorn cooking, which surprised the anchor.

 Later, she again attended the call with Michael Strahan, confirming whether she was alone in the studio and why she was scared. As she opened the door, she screamed and was received by another anchor George Stephanopoulos who asked her why she was scared, and that’s how the show started its show with Halloween costume.

Importance of Gma Halloween Costumes 2021 :

Halloween is a special festival celebrated with pomp and show, as many news channels get people completely involved in the Halloween celebration. Every news channel studio presents its theme of Halloween, with spooky designs and costumes as a part of the celebration.

Halloween is celebrated as part of happiness and people getting themselves dressed with their best spooky character. With the arrival of Halloween, many news channels like Good Morning America, Today, Live with Kelly, and Ryan present their theme, spooky designs and costumes. Thus, the article is all about Gma Halloween Costumes 2021. 


Thus, Halloween is celebrated by people all over the United States, with clubs, shops and news channels presenting the theme of Halloween. Many news Channels ask their anchors to dress in horror characters inspired by horror films and serials. This year Good morning America news channel have selected a theme from the horror film”Scream” with video footage of the play and anchors themselves in the characters from the film.

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