Gold Gas Mask Warzone (Feb) Get The Information Here!

Gold Gas Mask Warzone

Gold Gas Mask Warzone (Feb) Get The Information Here! -> Do you play a call of duty game on your system? You can now use a gas mask to beat the opponents in seconds. Please read our post to learn more!

Have you also been searching for Gold Gas Mask Warzone on the web? You can now get all the essential details concerning the gaming gas mask in our post! Call of duty game season one has been a success for the game developers. Therefore, they have launched the second season for the players to enjoy the new gameplay. 

However, many players do not know about the GOLD GAS MASK that was prevalent in season one. The gamers of Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are continuously looking for solutions to get the gold mask for compelling gameplay. If you are looking for the same, kindly continue reading the post until the end!

What is Gold Gas Mask Warzone?

In the “call of duty game,” there are some missions that revolve around gas circles. Therefore, the gamers need a gas mask to protect their characters from dying and losing the game. Battle Royale is the season where you can find numerous gas circles for which you need a gas mask. Besides, you can procure the masks from the locked rooms of the gas circles’ stadiums. 

How long does the mask last?

Amateur call of duty gamers does not know about the mask and its usable time. Therefore, we have collected information concerning the mask duration for a stable Gold Gas Mask Warzone gameplay. When you get a standard gas mask, it will last from 10 seconds to 1 minute. However, you need to acquire gas masks in the smaller gas circles continually. 

Where can you find the masks?

While playing the call of duty game in gas circles, you need to find the easter eggs. Earlier, the game developers hid the gas masks in easter eggs as a part of the Halloween event. However, you can now always find the gold gas masks behind the secretive doors connected to the stadium’s opening area. 

How can you get the Gold Gas Mask Warzone?

You need some things before entering the gas circle stadium. Keycards and stadium access are two things that are imperative for you to have. When you enter the stadium, you need to locate the locked storerooms. You can then open them using keycards. After entering the storerooms, you need to type access codes to reach the final destination and find the gold gas masks.

What are the access codes?

Generally, the storerooms are connected to three locations, such as floor-1, floor-2, and parking basement. You can save the codes listed below to find the gas masks in the game:

  • CL19 for 1st floor or level
  • EL21 for 2nd floor or level
  • P216 for parking basement

Our Final Thoughts:

We have precisely defined the Gold Gas Mask Warzone and the methods of getting the mask. Can you tell us your previous experience of using gas masks in the game? The comment section is all yours. Please share your answers with us!

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