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Goodofyou Net Reviews [June] Is This a Genuine Site?

Goodofyou Net Reviews [June] Is This a Genuine Site? -> In this article, we have covered all the details about a website that sells customized products to its customers.

Are you searching for websites that sell customized products? If yes, then you should read this article as it covers one of the most detailed Goodofyou Net Reviews.

Goodofyou is among those websites that claim to sell customized products in the United States. Even if you have never heard about it, there are many chances that you may come across it sooner or later.

Therefore, it is better to find out now if Goodofyou is legit or fake. In this article, we provide you with every detail of Goodofyou Net, such as its pros, cons, customer opinion, date of origin, etc.

This information will help you determine whether you should shop here or search for any other website. 

What is Goodofyou Net?

Goodofyou Net is a website that sells customized products. It has many varieties of products. However, it does not mention its specific niche anywhere on the website.

It offers almost all of its products at a discount of 50%. The shipping cost is free if you place an order that is above $30. However, it doesn’t mention the shipping costs for an order that is below $30.

Moreover, the website does not mention the specific time it takes to deliver its product to the customer. It also takes a long time for processing. Therefore, the delivery of the products may take more than 10 days. 

Every product on the website has a detailed description. The website uses GIFs and images that help us understand the uses of a product.

Specifications of Goodofyou Net:

  • Product: Custom products
  • Email: support@24hourconsultation.com 
  • Processing time: 2-5 business days
  • Shipping time: Depends on the region
  • Shipping cost: Free above order of $30
  • Returns: Applicable under certain conditions
  • Refunds: Applicable under certain conditions
  • Cancellation: Applicable before the product is shipped
  • Contact address: Not given 
  • Contact number: Not given
  • Payment method: PayPal or Credit/Debit Card

Pros of buying products from Goodofyou:

  • You can buy customized products
  • The products look really attractive
  • The website sells the product at a 50% discount
  • You can cancel an order before the product is shipped
  • Returns and refunds are applicable
  • It gives a vivid and precise description of each product
  • It has many payment options
  • It offers free shipping above order of $30

Cons of buying products from Goodofyou:

  • The website’s domain registration date is unknown
  • It does not display its contact address
  • It does not provide any customer service number
  • It does not mention any estimated shipping time
  • It does not categorize its products
  • It does not specify its main niche
  • Delivery takes a long time

Is Goodofyou Legit or not?

When we analyzed the Goodofyou website, it raised many suspicions. First of all, in the ‘About Us’ page, Goodofyou mentions itself as https://soulate.com. It makes us wonder if the description is copied and pasted from another website.

Moreover, we spotted a few spelling errors here and there on the website. It shows that the website has not taken much care to show its professionalism. Such mistakes can drive away customers from the website as they show a lack of authority and authenticity.

The date of registration of this website is unknown, as it cannot be found anywhere on the internet. Therefore, it is clear that we cannot trust the website.

What are people saying about Goodofyou?

The date of origin of Goodofyou is unknown. Therefore, it is possible that someone bought the domain recently. As a result, there are no reviews about this website on the internet.

The website has a product review option for customers. However, there are no reviews about any product on the website. This shows that no one has ever bought anything from this website.

Moreover, the website is confusing for the customers as it does not categorize its products. 

Final Verdict:

Goodofyou claims to customize its products for the customers. However, it does not mention how it customizes the products.

There are almost negligible reviews about it on the internet. It is also not mentioned on websites like Scamfoo that show the date of registration of each domain.

It has a negligible social media presence on the internet. Presence in social media is very important to gain the trust of customers. Lack of it can indicate that a website is a scam. 

Therefore, we don’t recommend you to shop from the Goodofyou website. 

0 thoughts on “Goodofyou Net Reviews [June] Is This a Genuine Site?

  1. I order a movie screen, and a projector that you advertised for Father’s Day. I just received my order today, without the frame for the screen. I payed money for a screen with a frame, which you advertised. The projector is a small LED Projector. I need answers from your company regarding my order. It is wrong to put out false advertising.

  2. IT IS A SCAM!!!! DO NOT TRUST THE WEBSITE GOODOFYOU.NET Believe me….I just had to cancel my bank info. Its not good.

  3. I ordered a product to use for the summer months on June 17. I have yet to receive any confirmation that the product has shipped. I contacted the email address given Request cancellation of my order as it has not yet shipped and a refund, and I was refused. The email response said that they would promptly ship my order however Is June 29 and the tracking service they provide shows that it is waiting for shipping information. I am going to attempt another email to request cancellation and refund and if I am not satisfied I intend to contact the Better Business Bureau and report them to any and all entities possible for being fraudulent.

  4. Product very inferior or worthless. Would like a refund but cannot find anyone to contact. Last time I fall for this stuff on facebook.

    1. We want to take you on the right path to contact on customer care number for further query… thanks for being in…

      1. Same issue! I’ve cancelled the payment through my credit card company! And…saw above the same product I ordered, the projector is bogus! Ugh! Awful!

    2. See my (Mary Cashin) comment entered today 7/9/2020 for my delightful experience with this disreputable company.

  5. I purchased a Solar powered fountain pump from this site. I waited more than a month to receive it. Upon inspection I realized that I was missing a critical piece rendering the device unusable. I swapped emails with their “customer support” requesting the part be sent to me or a refund. I had to send them photos of what I received. Then they said that I would have to pay to have it sent back to China before I could get a refund. I objected and over a few weeks we exchanged emails. First they offered me $3 compensation for a $25 product. I objected. They upped it to $6. I objected. They offered to compensate me half of the cost but I would have to ship it back. I objected. Now they are offering $20 compensation without having to send it back. I said I would accept that only if it is a refund and not a credit with their company. They are disreputable. Do not buy from them.

  6. Scam and PayPal is no help in getting your money back. Placed an order for $80 worth of stuff and have never received it. They told PayPal that it was delivered and used a bogus tracking number. I was ripped off in March by a company using the same tactics. The tracking number is from China. They get used tracking numbers and attach them to orders that are delivered in your area, then say they were delivered. I have a ring doorbell and nothing has ever shown being delivered. Shame on PayPal.

  7. I ordered a movie screen two months ago and still haven’t received it yet. Terrible company. I was fooled by the advertising on Facebook.

  8. I ordered the solar powered bionic floating fountain and paid for it on May 30, 2020 and received nothing from goodofyou.net They took the money from my bank and never sent the mdse.

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