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Gossgear Com Reviews {April} Should One Order From It?

Gossgear Com Reviews 2020

Gossgear Com Reviews {April} Should One Order From It? >> If it is going to be your first order then you must have this question. Well, the answer is in this post, read now!

The internet is flushed with enormous content on various things and topics. Just like these topics, it also has many e-commerce websites that deliver various things right at your doorstep. Understanding the needs of the consumers, they create a need and then slide themselves through and try to earn as much as they can and try to deliver what cannot be found at physical stores. 

Certainly, Goosgear Com Reviews will help you determine if you should hand on to this website or leave and find other options. It is natural to have doubts, and usually, we ask our friends if they know about this website and do they trust this website. 

So let’s eliminate your doubts in this article. 

What Is Gossgear?

It is an apparel store that provides customized products for everyone. They have made things pretty simple if you have doubts about your size well, there is a size chart that helps you determine your size not just for their products but also for every brand. The United States has already been using this website, and so far its been all good. 

Due to a lot of websites over the internet, it is difficult to say which website is authentic and which one is a fraud. 

The website protects your data during transmission with the use of a software called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information that you put at 128-bit strength.

This is a symbol on most web-browsers by way of a small padlock that appears on the bottom of the window, and the address of the window changes from https:// to https://, which means it’s a secure connection.

If the Gossgear website cannot establish a secure connection, they will make sure that your confidential information is not at risk.

Who’s This For? 

We often get bored when we have the same clothes as others, and we require changing the way we dress and the store from where we buy clothes. Well, Gossgear is the right place for you; they provide customized products that help you stand out from the crowd. We have seen available Goosgear Com Reviews posted by customers across the web to find out Pros and Cos of utilizing this website.


  • The products that Gossgear offer are custom made 
  • The quality of the products are 100% guarantee 
  • There are various payment options 


  • Shipping carrier can lose order and take a few days to come back 

Features of Gossgear 

Just like every other website, there are a lot of features that actually put them in a good spot in spite of their unique products. There are different ways by which a customer can be attracted and made them hitched to their website. As the competition starts to take fire on the internet, websites need something unique to grab the attention of the customers. 

Here are some of the things that might interest everyone to actually make a solid purchase and keep on coming back to the website and be loyal to the e-commerce website. 


There are various payment options, and they are all listed below. Just have a look! 

  • Credit Cards accepted are Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. The amount is deducted as soon as the payment is made. 
  • Debit Cards – they are accepting Mastercard or Visa logo. 
  • Also, accepting PayPal for easy and hassle-free payment at checkout. 
  • Sofort is especially for European customers to make their payment easier. Available in European countries only to customers shipping to the eurozone. 
  • GiroPay is for customers in Germany. This payment method is only available to customers shipping to the eurozone.


  • One cannot add or remove any products once the order is placed 
  • The shipping of the order is done between 5-10 days, depending on the location and distance. 


  • There is an informative sizing guide for all the brands and products.
  • If you face issues with placing an order or tracking them, you can reach out to them in various ways. Listed below are your options:
  1.  Live chat
  2. Email directly at
  3. Submit a request by filling a form.
  • Tracking numbers take 1-2 days to appear in shipping carrier’s system.

Modifying/Changing an order 

  • You can cancel your order for a limited period of time as the process for shipping starts immediately
  • If your product is missing /defective, you can file a complaint or claim through the website


There are various Goosgear Com Reviews based proofs that the website has given us, as mentioned in the initial part of this post. They have mentioned each and everything that may put you in doubt, but after going through it, you can actually trust this in terms of fraud. 

They say that quality is a guarantee, but you will only know it once you order, so don’t hesitate to order if you are, go ahead order and be happy. 

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  1. I placed an order on March 26th, you charged my card on March 29th and I’ve yet to receive my item. I type in order # and it comes bk invalid. Pls find my order or refund my payment. Address is 227 Village View Lane. Lakeland FL 33809.

  2. I have placed three orders and have not received any of them. Live chat does not work. They respond only with a generic email. I am reporting them to thg h ed BBB.

  3. I ordered almost 3 weeks ago and not heard a word.. no live chat, can’t find phone # and no email response. I think this is a scam.

  4. I ordered a shirt, you wasted no time taking my
    Money but the tshirt is nowhere to be found.
    The postal service has yet to lose any items of mine but I find it odd you use that as a “con“.
    Order RL-11404-55259.

  5. Same issue as everyone else. Ordered my item on 4/13 and it hasn’t been produced or shipped. Asking for refund

  6. This company is horrible. They sent my order info to dhl e-commerce, so I contacted dhl. I was informed that the vendor (gossgear)sent the the package label but they never recurved a package. This is a scam and I will report them to the BBB. I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR MY SHIRT!!!!

  7. Same response every time I submit a question. Still no shirt and my status has not changed since they first took my payment

  8. I ordered over a month ago and order was supposed to ship April 1st. Says shirts are still printing. What a huge disappointment for our seniors to tell them they are getting tshirts and they didn’t get them. What a shameful company!

  9. Wish I could give 0 stars! I ordered a T-shirt for my daughter’s April bday ON APRIL 6. I’m 100% positive I ordered one style and got a confirmation of another. I tried to cancel the order by contacting customer service, which is only allowed through email. I then again ordered the T-shirt I originally thought I bought. I got a response 2 days later saying sorry, we can’t refund you, your order went to print. When I explained I reached out immediately after, and they took 2 days to respond, I got a response basically saying sorry for the bad luck. Now it’s April 27th, my daughter’s actual birthday and BOTH t-shirts are still “printing”. When I ordered, the confirmation emails both said my order would be shipped in 5-10 days. I’ve reached out again through customer service and they said the “order is delayed”. When I asked when I could expect it, once again- no response! I highly caution anyone to order from this horrible company! I never take the time to write reviews but this experience has been highly suspect and I’m not sure if the company is even legitimate!

  10. Ordered and was charged on 4/14/20 for a shirt for my son’s birthday tomorrow. Everyday I send an email and get the generic response that it is processing, It hasn’t even gone to printing. I wish I never ordered it. Maybe credit card company can do something since they charged my card and I have received no product or response? Will never order from them again. Sad with everything going on in the world and you can’t get out to get things, so you order online and its a scam.

  11. Same complaint as everyone else. They took my money and ran. My order has been being printed for the last two weeks.
    Trying to report to Facebook that this is a scam.

    1. Another unsatisfied customer. Ordered 4/14 for daughters birthday on 4/28. Said 5-10 business days to ship. On the 11th business day it still hadnt printed. Emailed them i wanted a refund and got no response. Now it has said ‘printing ‘ for the last week. No response. They operate on facebook and instagram under various business names all with same address. I will be reporting them to both sites and BBB.

  12. Ordered 2 shirts on 4/11/2020. No shirts, no response other than a generic email saying my order will be printing in next day for 3 straight weeks. No phone number to contact, chat feature does not work.

    Scam company! What a shame in the middle of a pandemic and you take advantage of people. This is why people do not support small businesses.

  13. Ordered 2 shirts on March 28, 2020, cc charged instantly and received shirts a few weeks later. I emailed the company about exchanging one of the shirts because it was too small. Received an email confirming the exchange at no charge. Have yet to receive the shirt. I have emailed the company numerous times and get the same generic email as everyone else. No telephone number, no live chat. I wish I had read the reviews prior to ordering. This company is a SHAM and I am reporting to BBB.

  14. I ordered on April 4, 2020…it’s now May 2nd, and I only received a mug, and NOT the 4 t-shirts that I ordered! TOTAL SCAM!!!!

  15. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! They are a total scam. Ordered a T-shirt for a birthday with plenty of time for delivery. They are very late and will not arrive in time. The company does not give an email or phone number to call. They won’t even give me a credit. They only give an automated response. Total scam.

  16. I ordered 4 shirts April 1st and after multiple emails I received only 2 of the 4 I ordered on May 9th, I still haven’t gotten a response from them as to where my other shirts are… this complaint is a complete joke and will not be ordering from them again

  17. Ordered on April 14th, it is now May 13th. Still has not shipped my order. Customer service is a joke. They will not cancel my order. I am reporting them to the BBB. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

  18. Despicable company – do not order from them!
    Ordered t.shirt on 18th April. Advertised shipping was 5-15 days.
    I contacted them after 30 days later, as I still had not receivrd the t.shirt and my daughter’s birthday had passed. The t.shirt was still being printed!
    I requested a full refund and to cancel the order. This was refused and a 30% discount given.
    I complained again and requested the t.shirt order be cancelled as it was no longer fit for purpose and they did not fulfill the order at the advertised time. I was told I would not receive any further discount. 4 days later I received another email to say the t.shirt had been shipped. 34 days after I ordered it! Useless now, my daughters birthday has passed!

  19. Received the T-shirt I ordered yesterday, I wish I hadn’t bothered. The actual print is lopsided, the writing is blurry and there is a stain on the sleeve. So much for quality control. It does say in the blurb, They are for 100% quality. What a load of rubbish. I Have sent an email with all my complaints. And it tells me to submit a claim, which I tried to do along with photos, telling and showing them of all the issues with the product but won’t let me click on the send button. Along with everybody else’s complaints regarding the time frame, I totally agree it has taken 1 1/2 months to arrive. Avoid wasting your money.

  20. Horrible! Ordered a 13th birthday T-shirt for my granddaughter April 25. After providing applicable credit card info and order verification, was told shipping would take place within 15-21 business days! I immediately contacted them to cancel order, as this was way too late. Allegedly my order was sent to production and could not be cancelled. Mind you, I contacted them within minutes of placing order to cancel, so it could not have possibly gone to production. I e-mailed their customer service, got the same “canned replies” over and over. Today, June 4, I received an e-mail that my order is on the way. The invoice for one T-shirt, $24.95, then “subtotal” (?) $44.90 + $6.98 for shipping & fees, $51.88 for a $24.95 T-shirt which is of absolutely no value to me as my granddaughter’s birthday has come and gone. Also, this is way past 15-21 business days. Personally, don’t deal with these clowns at all. Call your credit card company as I have to have the charges reeled in! These are a bunch of criminals!

  21. Bloody disgusting company they have taken my money on the 4th of may still no shirt my daughter’s birthday been and gone I am very upset

  22. They’re LIARS! They tell you your item will ship in 3-5 days. It doesn’t. You’re luck to get it in 3 months. It’s impossible to talk to someone about it. All you can do is email them…… which is useless because they don’t reply. But zero issue with taking their payment from your account though. GO ELSEWHERE!

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