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Great Suspender Chrome Malware (Feb) All You Need To Know

Great Suspender Chrome Malware (Feb) All You Need To Know >> The popular free extension is nowhere available on chrome now. Please get the details below.

Great Suspender Chrome Malware: Google now disables the well-known extension used by many internationally, the greater suspender. There is a warning message from Google that it is “dangerous and may contain malware.” 

This news created hype in the user’s mind of Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom; they are in fear of losing open tabs and want to know how to recover them. If you are one of those, you are in the right place to learn crucial information.

What is Great Suspender?

For the unfamiliar user, and for those who think chrome is using too much system source or chrome crashing by installing and enabling the great suspender extension; it automatically deletes the tabs that have been kept not using for long and free up space or memory of your computer. 

So great suspender is a free chrome extension to reduce footprints. 

An Overview of Great Suspender Chrome Malware

In history, the Great Suspender has been sold to an unknown third party; with a newer version, the extension created the issue and added an exploit that could read any code in your system. This made the exploit extension to be removed from Microsoft edges. Anyhow, it was allowed to run on chrome, but as per the latest news, Google pulled Great Suspender and said it is malware.

We have researched thoroughly to know in-depth; we found that the great suspender showing the 404 error, which eventually means it’s removed now. Google is warning users that the extension contains malware so that the great suspender extension has been disabled.

We are not sure when the things will be resolved or permanently removed; if any updates, we will let you know.

How to Recover your Tabs from Great Suspender Chrome Malware?

If you are looking to recover your tabs, then here is good news for you. Luckily, for those who have lost accounts due to suspending the great suspender from chrome, many extension communities have found a way to fix the loss. Please have a look at the below points:

  • Open the chrome history.
  • Search for a great suspender extension ID
  • Pull it for recovery.

We hope the trending news over the internet among the great suspender extension user brought you here, and you got relevant information about Great Suspender Chrome Malware.

Bottom Line

The Great Suspender was a widely used extension to keep your system resources running effectively and smoothly. Google removed it from chrome, saying it is malware. We are unsure whether the extension is being removed permanently or restored in the future. 

But the community found the way to restore your loss tabs mentioned above; please refer; we are hoping that the write-up was helpful.

Do you have any thoughts or views? Do you know anything about Great Suspender Chrome Malware? Then you can share it with us in the comments section below.

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