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Greensboro Unemployment Scam {August} Check News Now!

Greensboro Unemployment Scam {August} Check News Now! -> Unemployment fraud is easy to do, but consequences are life-changing. Read the full story here.

Does your government give your benefits and money when you do not have a job? Well, most countries support their citizens to fend for themselves and their families. Some people lose employment because of disability and recession. Would it make you angry if a healthy and earning person takes benefits of such government help? You should check-out Greensboro Unemployment Scam

The employment security commission of the United States caught a lady who was on unemployment benefits for ten years. As per the studies, there has been a rise in unemployment fraud since 2005. It creates hurdles for the helpless and unemployed citizens to receive government support—check-out the below story to know more about the scam.

What is Greensboro Unemployment Scam?

A lady from Greensboro con-tricked the government stating she is unemployed for over ten years. When the security commission found her, she was working in the Southern Building Maintenance company. Because of this incident, Greensboro Unemployment Scam is making rounds in the United States

The unemployment scams go two ways; one by the recruiter and second by the employee. Hence, it is mandatory to do well-research on the hire-to-be person and company. The scam happened in 2013, and since then, the United States government is strict on rendering services to the citizens. 

The background of Greensboro Unemployment Scam:

  • A woman from Greensboro has claimed unemployment benefits for eight years while working in a maintenance company.
  • She faces felony charges on misdemeanor employment law violations.
  • The total amount of dollars received by the woman is not disclosed.
  • She earned 1500 dollars between 15th May to 23rd July 2005 while receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Numerous frauds are found after the woman scam. 
  • The employment security commission’s spokesperson said it would take years to recover the scam money from frauds. 
  • The con-tricksters are summoned and charged with law violations. They need to repay the received amount for the unemployment scam.

Customer Feedback:

Once the news of Greensboro Unemployment Scam leaked out, the United States citizens are outraged. Millions of people are unemployed for genuine reasons, but only some are receiving unemployment benefits. They are sad because the working-class people took advantage of the government to earn extra money. On the other hand, the jobless citizens slept empty stomach because of genuine zero-jobs and medical conditions.

Most citizens are also disappointed with the national employment security commission for giving them an opportunity without an investigation. Hence, they all demand a fair trial to bring justice.

Final Verdict:

When our kin betray us and takes advantage of government support on our behalf, it feels terrible. Greensboro Unemployment Scam is no exception. A woman from the United States community took unemployment benefits for long eight years while earning handsome money to live. 

Nevertheless, she and other frauds are paying for their misdeeds. They all are charged with law violations and felony. Please share your views on our article.

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