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Guardian Bell: Bikers face multiple accidents worldwide and some of them are severe enough to give a major injury or take one’s life. It is thought that accidents come from bad luck. Either by one’s fault or by chance, incidents take place. What if you have a lucky charm like a bell that would absorb all the bad luck? You will have a safe journey and come back home. The motorcycle guardian bell is a lucky charm for the bikers.

All you have to do is to hang the guardian bell motorcycle on the lower side where it is near to the ground because it is believed that bad luck comes from within the ground and the calamity hits the motorcycle that results in an accident. It is believed that the guardian bell protects the bikers from accidents and saves their life. It is known by different names such as spirit bells, guardian bells, gremlin bells, motorcycle bells, road bells, and lucky bells. Call them with any of their names but guardian bells are the most effective spiritually active bells that help save the lives of the bikers in actuality. 

How does It work?

The motorcycle guardian way has a working mechanism that effectively wipes out bad luck. Does everybody wonder how it works? Guardian or spirit bells clench the bad spirits from the road or haunted places and drive them insane with their dome-shaped bells ringing furiously.

Legends believe that it is the bad spirits that cause mechanical problems in the motorcycle and says that hanging a guardian bell on the lower side of your motorcycle is enough to cope with the bad luck during the journey all day long. It is a mystery that if a person buys a guardian bell motorcycle for his friend or a loved one, it becomes even more powerful and its effect becomes two times stronger. It looks like a miracle but love has a special power undoubtedly. It is such a precious gift to give to your loved ones. The guardian bells act like a warrior and fight against the ghouls, bad spirits, and the gremlins to protect the bikers. 

History Of Guardian Bell Motorcycles:

Decades ago, when bikers used to ride old models of motorcycles, they had to face many road accidents during their journey. Some of them even lost their lives and others were badly injured. When people observed an incline in the number of accidents, they began to worry and started searching for a solution. They observed most of the accidents were either due to mechanical problems or uneven roads. Less number of accidents were caused by high speeds. They tried several tricks to reduce the rate and overcome the death toll, but all in vain.

Lastly, a spiritualist observed the situation and suggested a solution. He gave bikers a bell called the spirit bell or the guardian bell. It is said that the bell had in possession the gremlin. The spiritualist said that when bikers reach the road, the bad spirits and ghouls are looking for them and they try to cause a mechanical problem in the engine that becomes the cause of most of the accidents. People didn’t get the logic that how will the motorcycle guardian bell work? The spiritualist tells them a true story in response that satisfied them.

He told the bikers to hang the bell on the bottom area of the bike where it is near to the ground and only in that state it will effectively work. He told that as soon as the bike reaches the road, the bad spirits bringing the bad luck will try to clinch the bike or cause a technical fault in the motorcycle, and all of a sudden they will be clenched inside the bell, and when the bell rings with the motion of the bike, the bad spirits will go insane with the sound of the bell. When the bikers tried this formula in actuality, it worked.

They were so satisfied with the function of the bell that it became a trend to hang a bell with the motorcycle. The tinkling sound of the bell confuses the goblins and makes them go mad and when this happens, the bad spirits become unharmed for the bikers. The right place to hang the guardian bell is the lowest part of the bike near the engine because this area is more likely to be affected by bad spirits. 


Hanging the guardian bell with the bike has become a trend that is effectively followed worldwide. People have believed that they are secure when they have the guardian bells on their bikes and most the bikers have reported that when they forgot to hang the guardian bell with their bike, they faced serious accidents. You can easily purchase it from the market or online store.

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