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Guelove club Reviews [June] Is it Legit or Another Scam?

Guelove club Reviews [June] Is it Legit or Another Scam
Guelove club Reviews [June] Is it Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, you get a detailed analysis of a web store that sells above ground pool sets for your family.  

Aren’t we all upbeat about affordable pool sets that are also fun to use? Guelove club promises to offer a selection of above-ground pool sets that are just as appealing.

Guelove club Reviews that are doing the rounds tell us that this site is based in the United States. We should understand that there is no shortage of similar sites that sell innovative pool supplies. Therefore, it becomes essential to ascertain the legitimacy of these websites before proceeding to purchase from them.

Let us discover Is Guelove club Legit or not? Read the following Guelove club Reviews to find out more about this web store.

What is the Guelove club?

With summer just around the corner, the Guelove club wants to make your summer outdoor fun and fulfilling. It is an online store that sells above ground pool sets in different shapes and sizes. 

The Guelove club offers easy-to-assemble pool sets classified as Easy Set, Metal, Prism, and Ultra Frames. These sets look very sturdy, durable, and unique. 

Presently, the pool sets are being offered at a discount of 30% or more.

The IP address shows that the Guelove club has servers located in Chicago, United States.

Specifications of Guelove club:

  • Products- Pool sets of various shapes and sizes
  • Website-  
  • Address- Not provided
  • Email-
  • Customer support-
  • Contact- Not provided
  • Shipping time- Not specified 
  • Shipping fee- Free in the United States
  • Exchange/returns- Within 30 days of purchase
  • Refunds- Applicable 
  • Payment- Online payment through credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal

Pros of Guelove club:

  • The pool sets are available in many varieties. 
  • The sets are offered at competitive prices.
  • They claim that their pool sets are unique and of superior quality.
  • They claim to have a satisfied clientele.

Cons of Guelove club:

  • A lot of missing information regarding their company address, contact details, and shipping
  • No details about delivery, installation procedure, and installation charges
  • Not all items can be exchanged or returned.
  • The customer bears the return fee.
  • The domain name is very recent.

Is Guelove club Legit?

The Guelove club sells only pool sets. It sounds strange that an online website sells such restricted products. Most other eCommerce stores that sell pool sets combine them with other accessories like an umbrella or a pull-up bar.

Moreover, the Guelove club claims to be an authorized seller of Intex. However, their name does not feature on the list of Intex online retail partners if you search online.  

These details are enough to raise suspicion about the authenticity of the site.

What are people saying about the Guelove club?

The Guelove club website has a section that says, “Write a Review.” It is quite odd that there are no reviews available there. 

This is possible only if people have not purchased anything from their site, or the reviews have been deleted deliberately.

If you look up online, you do not chance upon any comments from customers.

Moreover, a video available on YouTube warns you to refrain yourself from buying here.

Final verdict:

Although there are no customer reviews available for the Guelove club, we have performed a detailed investigation for you.

We found that their website has a very low traffic volume and is not at all popular. The domain name is pretty recent, and it was created only 14 days back.

When you click on their website link, a pop up on your screen warns you that the site is untrustworthy. 

Strangely, their “About Us” page does not disclose anything about the company’s background. It does not tell us when and how the company was founded.

If you navigate through their website carefully, you will notice that the “About Us” page gives blanket information. This information could be related to any item; it is not product-specific at all.

Also, their Refund & Return section is a copy-paste of another fraudulent site. 

According to this section, downloadable software products, and health and personal care items are not exchangeable/returnable. But according to their Homepage, they only sell pool sets, which raises immediate suspicion about this site.

These are reliable indicators that the site is not legitimate but a counterfeit one.

We warn you to avoid making purchases at the Guelove club. 

You might get tempted by their attractive pricing, but it has been created to dupe innocent customers.

If you have any experience with the Guelove club, please post your comments here. It will prevent potential customers from getting lured into their trap.

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