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Guts Astd (July) All You Need To Know About New Unit!

Guts Astd (July) All You Need To Know About New Unit! >> Read more about this game and the character details about the most famous character of this online game.

One of the many boons for humanity that came with developing technology is, no doubt, entertainment. Each day we turn towards technology to keep boredom at bay, primarily via online gaming. 

This entertainment trend is becoming a commonality shared by people from the Philippines, Canada, the United Statesand many more countries. Therefore, it is not a surprise that platforms such as Roblox is turning into a household name. 

So, to honor all the Roblox fans, let’s look into one particularly famous game character known as Guts Astd

What is Astd?

One of the many Roblox games ASTD is an acronym for All-Star Tower Defense. The game consists of anime characters that have gained immense popularity among anime viewers. The players control these anime characters to take defense against opponents. 

The creators of the game constantly update the contents to keep the engagement of the players. The creators even recently added new characters to the game and fixed bugs once present. 

One of the most popular online gaming apps in recent years is Roblox, which is available on various electronic devices. The platform allows players to grow creatively by designing games and sharing them as a global community.

A Few Words about Guts Astd

As mentioned, the game All-Star Tower Defense characters are protagonists of the famous anime series called Berserk. One of the characters is Guts. Infact Guts is the main protagonist of the anime series. Guts character is a mercenary and a wanderer who is seen to be in a never-ending internal battle between the urge to protect people close to him and going after his demise.  

Recently the game has announced that it had made some updates and confirmed 5-star Guts. It means that the character will have a new hyped-up look and newfound abilities to play with for the players. It is a much-awaited update for the fans of Guts Astd after the promising 4-star Guts. 

Reviews by the Gamers

The game is an adaptation of the OG anime series; hence it is a no-brainer to garner 800 million visits. Anyone who played the game seems to be asking for more. 

The fans are loving the character very much, especially with the updates on the way. Many fans raved about Berserk Armor Guts, one of the modes of this character in the game. You can witness comments like “wow” and “Let’s GO” or “you don’t know how hype I am” for Guts Astd flooding the online in the meanwhile. 


To conclude, we can say that the game has achieved a massive stance by uniting all the anime lovers and gamers who love deep stories in their gameplay. 

Furthermore, it is one of the most brilliant ideas for players to play as their favorite characters and reach new levels while completing new quests.  So, if you haven’t yet got the chance to explore this game in Roblox, and if you happen to be an anime fan, then we guess it is time to check this one out. Watch here, if you are interested to see the Guts gameplay.

Are you excited about the new updated version for Guts Astd? Would you please let us know in the comments section below?

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