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Havrhond Customer Reviews [April] Here Is Risky or Not

Get Havrhond Customer Website Reviews

Havrhond Customer Reviews [April] Here Is Risky or Not >> In this article, you will get the details about placing the order of customized products.

Are you looking for a website where you can buy customized products online? If yes, then Havrhond is the best one.

You can discuss your specifications and requirements, and the customized products will get ready. All the daily required things are available on this website. The products are available at the best price. 

So, if you are searching for a website that sells authorized and high-quality customized products, then you are right here. The site has received many positive Havrhond Customer Reviews.

You can discuss your needs and specifications with the customer care department. They will offer you the best deal as per your budget and requirement.   You can buy the daily routine customized products in just a click.

As per the recent report, the site has recorded the highest sale in the United State. The site has been rated as the best site in the country.

If you are a women buyer and looking for a bra, then this is the best destination. Many women have a query in their mind that is havrhond bra legit. Yes, it is legit as the company is genuine. Also, they have mentioned about the privacy policy, terms, and conditions and refund policy on the website. If you don’t like the product, then you can ask for a refund. 

Further, before you decide to place the order, we are discussing the ins and outs of the website. We are also considering why you must buy from this website.

What is Havrhond Website?  

Havrhond website is an online store where you can buy customized products. Here, you will get all the items that are required in the daily routine. 

So, if you are searching for the website where customized products have been sold, then this is the right destination. You can also search the required product and customize it as per the need. The products are of top-quality and are procured from trustworthy vendors. 

Why is Havrhond Website unique?

You must have searched for many websites. But the unique thing about this website is that it sells customized products. Also, you can filter the products. The site offers many attractive discounts and offers. 

SO, you will get the customized daily routine products at the best price. We are discussing more specs, pros, cons, and customer reviews. 

Specifications of Havrhond Website

  • Products- Customized products online
  • Shipping time- The orders are processed within 2-5 working days. Also, they will be shipped the next day after the order is processed. 
  • Delivery time- They have not mentioned any delivery time on their website
  • Shipping fee-It depends on the delivery location and weight of the package.
  • Exchange-There is no information about the exchange policy.
  • Return-The product can be returned within 15 days after the order is received.
  • Refund-You will get a refund once the product is inspected. 
  • Mode of payment- The payment is made via credit or debit card and Paypal. 

Pros of Buying from Havrhond Website

  • The latest and customized products are ordered.
  • They have a transparent policy of terms & conditions, privacy policy and refund- return policy
  • The payment is made via PayPal, credit, or debit card. 
  • The products can be customized and are of top-quality.
  • You get the opportunity to buy trendy items.
  • Also, you can track the shipment after the order is processed. 

Cons of buying from Havrhond Website

  • There is no policy on the exchange of products.
  • The payment facility is online only.
  • There is a delivery fee based on the location of the delivery and weight of the shipment.

Customer Reviews on Havrhond Website

The website is unique and has created a positive image in the mind of the customer. Many products are customized as per the need. The customers have reported that they were able to track their products. Also, the processing time is low. But the delivery time is not mentioned on the website.

Some customers have also said that they have to pay the shipping fee. But you will get a refund as soon as the product is received. The customers are happy to get customized products. Also, they provide high-quality customer service. 

Final Verdict

You must place your order online. They have a transparent policy of refund and return. The customized products are offered at the best price. Also, they provide a top-quality product.

Hence, this website is legit, and you can buy customized products. The products will deliver at the doorstep. You can track your order.

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    1. I have not received my bra either and when I try to go to the website it get an error message! So disappointed!

  1. I placed an order for buy two get one free bras, with the expectation I could return for refund if not 100% happy with my purchase. It took weeks to arrive. A beige one of the three had a one centimeter long black stain on the front. I tried it on. It did not fit as per expectations from sizing charts provided. When I contacted customer service to arrange a return for refund, they wanted photos. I sent one of the stain and even ones of me in the ill-fitting garment. Then they told me because I had worn it no refund could be paid!

    I asked how someone was determine got and comfort without trying it on, and that zi had intentionally tried on the stained on, as I felt they would not be able to sell it in that condition.

    After three attempts to arrange full refund, the offers range from 3 £ to $8 of the $29+ I had paid.

    Based on my very unsatisfactory experience, I would never order from them again nor would I ever recommend them.

  2. The bras I ordered do not fit. I did not get a refund and if I want my money back I have to pay return shipping to China. Never buy from this company. It is horrible.

  3. All these comments seem right do not buy from this company Still haven’t received my bra

  4. I placed an order April 18th. Order was not showing fulfilled on the website after 5 business days. I sent 3 emails with no response. I tried to pull up the website and it said shop unavailable several times and it still does. There was a charge from Allway tech in China for 36.32, my purchase was for 35.96, which was not on my charges. I called my bank and they cancel my debit card, sent me a new card, put the charge as fraud and tefunded my money. I emailed Havrhond to cancel my order, I got a response immediately saying my order was shipped and a tracking number. The tracking number was a USPS number and it was picked up by a USPS partner in California, but USPS does not have it yet. That was on April 27 and it’s still in California. Don’t buy from them. It’s a scam/fraud.

  5. Order buy two get one free bras, I thought this was a us company, got an order confirmation, but as yet have not received anything not even a shipping confirmation. I believe this company is a scam and now that I am out of my money. I would not recommend anyone purchase from this company

    1. I have also ordered.. Paid 35.00 for 2 bras.. Its been almost 2 months and i haven’t recieved them.. I have emailed and they gave me a tracking number which still bullshit cause i would have download an app to c it .. I have a app it shows the bras but nothing about tracking ….

  6. This is definitely a scam, I ordered my bra 6 months ago, haven’t received it yet and no where to contact them. DO NOT BUY

  7. Sizing for the Havrhond bra is NOT accurate!! XXXL would be small – medium. Obviously can’t be returned. I figure a small would likely fit a doll

  8. I also placed an order and the payment was made. No packages yet and it has been sine April 14,2020. This is not a good reccommendation. Beware!

  9. I am along with the rest of you. I placed an order on April 17th and have not received my 3 bras. I have not been able to contact them. They seem to have vanished. Absolute scam operation unfortunately. I sure didn’t have the money to waste or give away and shame on this company. God is watching!!!

  10. Never received my order either! Placed April 4, 2020 This is a scam! I tried to get a refund through Paypal, and it was DENIED! The company gave a tracking #, but when tracked it shows the item went from the US BACK to China!! No idea what is going on, but I never received it and now they have the bras back, Paypal denied my refund, and I am out $41.35! NEVER buy from them!!! It’s a huge scam!

  11. Order buy two get one free bras, I thought this was a us company, got an order confirmation, but as yet have not received anything not even a shipping confirmation. I believe this company is a scam. I tried to track the order and it will not even show anything.I got a order # 48781 but that is it.

  12. I ordered three bras. I ordered a size up but even they were too small. I arranged return and sent proof of return. They replied, your refund has been paid. I sent them back at my expense. I have proof that they arrived in China. I still have NO REFUND months later. I email them almost daily but they now won’t reply. Do NOT waste your money. They are unscrupulous

  13. Ordered bras in April and never received them. Was told the tracing number was incorrect and would send me the correct one but never did. Have requested a refund but no reply. Do not recommend buying from is a scam!

  14. I ordered 3 bras from them and I have been waiting to receive them since April. I emailed a few times and was told that there was problems with shipping, it was returned to sender, blah, blah, blah. Its November now and still nothing has come. I also would say do not buy from them.

  15. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Like most other people, I too have been scammed as I placed an order for the ‘buy 2 & get 3 bras’ in April 2020 and I have not received any products. I had been so excited about the prospect of trying these bras, hoping they would be as comfortable as they looked. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

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