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Home Depot Mall Scam (Jan) Reviews for Safe Purchase

Home Depot Mall Scam 2020 Dodbuzz

Home Depot Mall Scam (Jan) Reviews for Safe Purchase >> In this article, you will explore some points of an online store that and also will discover some facts related to its legitimacy.

Do you want to buy attractive home décor items? The United States-based online store deals with many home décor items. These displayed items are available at cheap prices.

Many viewers would like to know if the home décor items are of the best quality or not, while others want to know whether the Home Décor Mall is legit or a scam website.

Many scammers are launching fake websites to trap customers. After users make a payment on these websites, their money is wasted because they never get the order.

Before buying, you should check if the items displayed are legit or not. You should check if the website selling the items is valid or fake.

Through this article, we will give you information about Home Depot Mall Scam.

What is Home Depot Mall?

Home Depot Mall is an online shopping store and is also referred to as the Best Price Home because of selling products at cheap prices. It is located in the United States.

It has many negative points and drawbacks. We want to make our viewers aware of it before buying any items through this online home depot store.

Home Depot Mall sells many items, including blenders, headphones, ice cream makers, instant photo printers, instant film cameras, oral care, printers, retro gaming, scooters, thermostat, Bluetooth and wireless printers, and other products.

The item displayed on the website are claimed to be durable and the best in design and quality. However, you should go through the Home Depot Mall Scam before buying any product through this website.

Specifications of Home Depot Mall Scam:

  • Website URL: https://homedepotmall.com/
  • Website Type: Home appliances and other items selling store 
  • E-mail ID: support@homedepotmall.com
  • Phone Number: 619 401 6611
  • Address of Mall: 298 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA, U.S.
  • Shipping Policy: 2 – 3 weeks
  • Exchange and Return Policy: Within thirty days of buying a product
  • Delivery of the products: 2-3 business days
  • Payment Gateways: MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, Visa, and Cash on Delivery

Pros of Home Depot Mall:

  • Many attractive appliances and items available on this website
  • Items available are offered at cheap prices
  • Products are durable and best in quality

Cons of Home Depot Mall Scam:

  • The website and its products are fake
  • They do not deliver any products
  • There is no response to the customers’ complaints

Is Home Depot Mall Legit?

Home Depot Mall sells a massive range of products and appliances for your home and office. The online store claims that it delivers the best quality and durable products to its customers.

We did in-depth research to know the facts about this Home Depot Mall. After checking about it, we could not gather much information. The information available did not prove to be authentic.

It seems like a fake website and made us conclude that this online store is not legit. We request our viewers that they should not believe in this online platform.

We can confirm that it is a Home Depot Mall Scam.

Home Depot Mall Reviews:

The online store claims that it sells quality products at cheap prices. This website offers a discount if you take a subscription.

After checking about this online store, we found many reviews. Most of them were negative. Many customers who bought products through this website complaint that they never received the products they ordered.

They also had issues with the refunds, which they never received after non-delivery of the products.

Hence, it is best to be careful instead of getting trapped in such scams and money issues. The website uses an established brand name that made many users get trapped.

Be careful while you order any products through such websites because many customers got trapped in Home Depot Mall Scam.

Final Verdict:

Home Depot Mall sells many appliances and products for your daily use. We could not get any authentic information about this online store.

There is no information available about its owner, and the address is also not valid. The website is newly launched and sells products at unrealistic prices.

Hence, be careful if you buy any items through this website. After checking its drawbacks and the facts, we concluded that it is a Home Depot Mall Scam.

Check the address and other details of this mall before dealing with it.

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  1. So if this company is fake , im pretty sure as of this time hundreds of customers were already scammed and complaint about to the Authority, so why this company continue posting onlin? Do you think this company are not allowed to advertised anymore if its a scam. Please advise. Thank you



  3. I purchased something on Dec 7th, have yet to receive my item. I have tried emailing with no response. Now when I try to pull up the website it says it doesn’t exist. Lesson learned and I will be disputing the charge to my credit card.

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