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How to Boost User Engagement By Maximizing Push Notification Delivery Rates?

How to Boost User Engagement By Maximizing Push Notification are one of the best techniques to attract an audience. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world your audience resides. You can reach both iOS and Android users through Flutter Push Notifications.

Moreover, you need not worry about their delivery. They carry a high delivery rate as compared to emails and SMSs. This way you can easily boost engagement. But still, if you further want to boost user engagement by maximizing push notifications delivery rate, you can easily do so.

You might be wondering how?

Well, let us dig deeper to find the answer.

  • Omni-device Engagement: We are living in a digital era where a typical user owns about 3 to 4 connected devices. This can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, etc. This means your users are interacting with your business via multiple devices. But if they have to receive push notifications on just one device, the engagement with an app will be limited and ineffective.

The best way to tackle this issue is by interacting and engaging your users across multiple devices. This means you can send push notifications to all active devices on which your users have installed the app.

An Omni-device engagement provides you with two options. You can either send push notifications on all active devices or you can simply send a push notification on the device that a user has used last time for interaction with your app. A study has shown that if you send a push notification on all active devices the probability of reach increases by 10%. This increases the chances of engagement.

This can benefit you in time-sensitive campaigns especially when your user likes to toggle between various devices regularly. For example, you can send a push notification on a user’s smartphone alone during office or busy hours. While during idle hours you can send a push notification on both smartphone and tablet.

  • Push Amplification: It has been found in a survey that push amplification has improved delivery rate by about 50% across most Chinese OEM devices. This means as a marketer you are going to get benefits in terms of retention, improved CTRs, increased conversion rate, and much more.

A push amplification solution acts as a backup to standard notification gateways. This delivers notifications directly to a user’s phone. This can do a job for you especially when standard delivery fails.

The thing is, a unique ID is assigned to each device that is used as an alternative delivery gateway. It works with a pull-back mechanism that is based on servers. Its job is to track undelivered notifications. Once tracked they are directed back to the user’s device.

  • Batch Campaign Delivery: Mobile app crashes are common. It is like a nightmare for both businesses as well as app developers. If your app server is stacked up to handle instant traffic it is good, but if not an application could experience a temporary crash. This directly affects the delivery rate. The thing is, Push Notifications contribute most to build instant mobile traffic.

As a result, a loss to your business and revenue. To prevent this situation you can take help of a batch delivery. The batch delivery divides the push notifications into batches. It selects a time interval between the batches. This means if you are having 400K users you can opt to send 20k notifications every 2 minutes. This means a total time of 40 minutes to deliver all notifications with staggered delivery.

  • Third-Party Push Services: Many devices kill the apps running in the background. This is to optimize the battery life. But this reduces the ability to send push notifications. Chinese OEM devices are an example of the same. They are known to have a notification delivery rate as low as 20% in recently used apps.

So it is good to send push notifications powered by Huawei Push, Xiaomi Push, or some other cloud messaging push services. This will help you to increase the delivery rate.

So, these are some of the best techniques to increase push notification delivery rates. You can easily boost your user engagement by using these techniques.

The thing is, for a user, experience on your platform matters the most. It doesn’t matter whether the quality of your products is a bit less as compared to your market competitors. If you are providing your users with the rich experience and service they are looking for, you are already ahead of your competitors.

You might be wondering what to do to generate that ultimate experience?

Well, when it comes to engaging an audience either on the Android platform or the iOS platform, the use of data, segmentation, and personalization can do a job for you. In a recent survey, it was found that 78% of customers act on promotional offers with personalized brand messaging.

This means you are not only reaching users on a personal level but you are reaching them with what they want. This will boost engagement in the future and help you with more conversions.


Push notifications are one of the prime marketing strategies. You can reach your users instantly in any part of the world using push notifications. But when it comes to boosting engagement by increasing delivery rate, some face issues. Now how to boost the delivery rate by maximizing push notifications delivery rate is presented to you here.

Author Bio: WonderPush gives you the ability to target your users effectively through flutter push notifications. It provides you with one of the best delivery services so that you can easily and instantly reach your audience.

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