How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm {April} For Gamers!

How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm 2021

How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm {April} For Gamers!>> This news article shares information about a game and how you can earn a medal in it.

Game lovers are never behind to earn medals in the games. If you are one of those game lovers, you will be happy to know that you will get to know about a famous game and how you can earn the most demanded medal in this game in this article.

How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm is the question in everybody’s mind following religiously to the COD game. The United States is one among those countries in which people play this game very often. This game attracts the people the most as it gives a war background of the Second World War. 

Let’s take an overview of this game and see what its exciting features of this game are.

What is Call on Duty (COD) Game?

COD is a multiplayer game that has a scenario of World War II for the people. The players get the background of the war, and they feel that they are in the war situation. As they kill the opposition, they get some medals. There are some significant medals that everyone wants to get. Berserker Medal is one among those medals. 

Therefore, people ask How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm to gain the benefits in the game. 

This game is like a royal game, and you need to survive till the end. You have to kill all your enemies of the game to win it. The players need to possess some survival and gun skills to be in this game till the end. This game offers some essential features, which include titles and medals. 

How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm?

Berserker is the killstreak medal that a player receives when he kills the enemy in the game. But earning this medal is not an easy task. You need to kill three enemies continuously without dying in the game. If you constantly kill three enemies, you will be awarded this Berserker medal. It is among the simple trophies that the players can acquire if they stay low-key and kill three enemies without getting knocked down.

With this information, we hope the doubt of How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm is clarified. So, we hope that you will enjoy playing this game and earn a Berserker medal.

Final Verdict:

COD Mobile game is becoming famous these days, especially among the people of the United States. It is a multiplayer game with the scenario of World War II, and you need to stay in the game till the end of it for survival. If the player kills the three consecutive enemies in the game, they receive the Berserker medal, which is one of the game’s most perceived medals. With this, the answer to the question How to Earn Berserker Medal in Codm is solved. 

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