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How To Get Stars In Among Us {Dec} Find Steps Here!

Gaming News How to Get Stars in Among Us

Read where and How to Get Stars in Among Us. How can they enhance and customize your gameplay in the new update?

Among Us has been rising in popularity since its release in 2018. The developers and producers have invested heavily in popularizing the game from 2020 to this day. It has become a sensational social deduction game played at various places and especially popularized in the United States after a successful stint in Mexico and some parts of Europe. 

Recently the game was added with Stars, and today we will explore How to Get Stars in Among Us. Let us see how and where to buy them and how they can enhance your gameplay. 

New Update in Among Us

Among Us is recently updated with the addition of Cosmic Cubes and Roles. With this, a ton of new content has been placed before the user. In addition, collectible items such as Pods and Beans are added. Innersloth developed the game, and it has recently tweeted about some changes fans could expect in the new update. 

This is the first major update since the Vent Cleaning update in the game. The fans were already super-excited, and the developer didn’t fail them with their offerings. Before moving on to How to Get Stars in Among Us, let us explore the updates further. 

The update has customized the game to a new level. It is officially confirmed that the 9th November 2021 update is the biggest game since its advent. The updates extend with four new roles- Scientist, Engineer, Shapeshifter, and Guardian Angel.

 Each role has a unique ability, which is inspired by the Mafia fun base. In addition, new cosmetics are also added. They can be bought with Stars and Beans. 

How to Get Stars in Among Us and How to Use them?

While the game is free on Android and charges for its PC versions, the company has said that it is viable to earn money through Cosmic Cubes to keep the game monetarily promising. Besides cosmic cubes, new currencies such as Pods, beans, and Stars are added. Pods and Beans can be gained as rewards for playing the game normally. The Stars, however, are to be purchased with real money. Innersloth said that players have to use their cold hard cash to buy Stars. However, the process to buy stars is very simple. 

First, go to the Main Menu and visit the Among Us shop. Then click on the dollar sign at the bottom. In How to get Stars in Among Us, stars in the pack of 20, 30, 50, 110, and 300 would be visible with their prices written just behind them. 

Next, click on the pack you want to buy and enter your bank details, and you have them! The prices range from $1.99 to $24.99. However, there is no competitive advantage a player can get just by buying the cosmic cubes through stars. 


Among Us is back with its biggest update on 9th November 2021. The Stars, unlike Pods and Beans, can only be bought through cold hard cash. However, it has categorically been specified that the cosmetics are only for visual purposes and do not offer an undue advantage to people who afford to buy them. It just customizes their avatars and gameplay to an extent. To know more, see How to Earn Stars in Among Us 

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