How To Play Among Us Proximity Chat On Mobile [Dec]

How To Play Among Us Proximity Chat On Mobile [Dec] 2020
How To Play Among Us Proximity Chat On Mobile [Dec] >> This article will talk about an interesting, new chat mode introduced for the online popular game. 

Have you heard of the latest updates for the Among Us game on Roblox? If you haven’t yet, then we will tell you all about it and also How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile. Among Us is highly rated on the Roblox platform that has in recent times released several mods making the game more fun and interesting to play. The anonymous voting feature, taskbar mode and the new proximity chat have given the game a fun twist. 

The game is very popular globally, especially in Canada, the United States, and the United KingdomLet’s dive into the review so that you know why this game has gained traction all over the world in such little time. 

About the Proximity Chat Mod

Among us game involves a set of crewmates and imposters on a space ship. The crewmates have to complete their assigned tasks and identify and kill imposters. The imposters have to create havoc, kill crewmates and prevent them from completing their tasks. 

If you are looking for How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile,then you should know that it is available for download on PC only. But some sources claim that there are some third-party apps available through which you can download it on mobile.

It was initially for a few couple of weeks made available only to some famous youtubers and streamers but is now available for everyone who plays the game. 

The reason the proximity chat mode got so popular instantly is that it allows you to now communicate with players, and that adds to the suspense. It is open-source and is available for free download. It was made available by the developer with the Twitter handle called @Ottomated_.

How to get the Proximity Chat Mod for Among Us

Many people have been searching online as to How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on MobileBut, as mentioned, for now, this option is available only for your PC and that too all players should have Crewlink for this mode to work.

Follow these simple steps and get the proximity chat option enabled for you as you play the game:

  • First and foremost, download the exe file, which is readily available on the Internet. 
  • Then install the Crew Link Mod. There is a high probability that your antivirus might flag it.
  • Now, when you launch the Among Us game, do it through this CrewLink mod interface. 
  • Now you can start playing the game with the voice-enabled. 

Considering the various sources, we have found that there are some third-party apps available that would help you to How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile.    

Final Views 

The proximity chat mode has brought a new and exciting twist in the game. As it is a very recent feature, the chances are that you might, at times, encounter problems, but it seems to work pretty well otherwise. It makes it easy for crewmates to communicate and guide each other. 

Dear Readers, if you have already used this mode and would like to share your views about the post on How to Play Among Us Proximity Chat on Mobile, please write to us below in the comments section. 

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