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How to Prepare for a Cross Country Relocation? {July}

How to Prepare for a Cross Country Relocation >> Moving to a new city or state can be an exciting experience. Especially if you are moving for work, it could mean more money and better job opportunities. But before you pack up your belongings and head out of town, there are several things to consider:

-Is this the right time in my life? -What will happen to my current house? -How will I find a new job in a different place? -Where am I going to live once I get there? What about schools for my kids? There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to moving cross country, so don’t jump into anything without thinking through the consequences first!

Moving for Work

If you are moving to a new city or state because of work, the first step is contacting your HR department or hiring manager. They should be able to tell you where a suitable place to live would be and whether it will be possible to arrange for relocation assistance (i.e., airfare, travel reimbursements, etc.).

If you are moving to a city or state where the cost of living is higher than your current location, make sure that you get a raise out of this move. If not, then it might work out better for you if you stay put! In college, we used to call this idea “Cost of Living Adjustment” or COLA. 

Moving for a New Job

If you are moving to a new city or state of America simply because of a better job opportunity, then your situation is a little simpler. But that doesn’t mean it’s free and easy! Even if the cost of living in your new location is much lower than the current one, there’s still a lot to consider. Will you have the same salary you were making before? Will, there be a COLA, or might your new company even provide performance bonuses so that you can make up for some of the difference in cost of living? There are many questions, and it’s important to plan ahead!

Moving for Love

Hopefully, when you move to a new city or state, it’s because you found love *wink wink*. For starters, do NOT live together before getting married so that no one can accuse the other of not being able to afford their place and therefore moving in with you!

If you aren’t sure about the person you’re moving for, then there are a few good questions to ask. Are they fully moved in with their stuff? If not, what are they waiting for? Do they already have a job lined up, or do they intend on looking for one once they move? Are they staying temporarily in your house, intending to buy something later on? (If so, how will they afford this?) These are all important questions to ask!

Also, make sure that your new partner doesn’t have any secret exes. You don’t want to move out of one relationship into another!

And lastly, if you’re moving for love, make sure that you find it!

Moving for Family

If you are moving to a new city or state simply because of family, there is some good news. The cost of living is probably much lower than where you currently live, so the move should save you money in the long run. Your family members should not be stressed out, it’s better to check best cross country movers in America and book one which you feel is affordable. Moving for family will make sure your proximity to your relatives will be priceless and worth its weight in gold! But there are still things to consider. Will you have enough time to spend with them once you have a full-time job and they become your second priority? If so, will that be acceptable for both parties, or do you need to make some compromises?

Other Considerations

When moving across the country, it’s important to ask yourself if you are up for the challenge. It might be a great time in your life to move, or it may not. If you have a family and kids with school-aged children, then moving to a new city will create some difficult challenges. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it!

It’s important to know your priorities and make sure that you’re honest with yourself about them. Remember, moving for work or love is a bit different than moving simply because of family. They are reasons that require more sacrifice and consideration, whereas work or love don’t.

Regardless of whether you decide to move across the country or not, it’s still important that you don’t rush into a decision and think it over carefully. Things may seem great right now, but six months down the road, they could change.

Tips to Prepare for a Cross-Country Relocation

Figure out the logistics of your move. For example, figure out what boxes you may need to purchase or if you will be renting a truck or moving van.

Consider how long it will take to pack and load all of your belongings. Ensure that you have enough time between jobs or provide days off from work to do this.

Take care of any outstanding bills so that they can be sent in the mail for you while you are away.

Make sure you have hired an affordable and reliable moving company.

Keep an inventory list of items so that when you get back, everything is accounted for.

Find a place to store your items until your new home is ready and settled into. This will help save you money and time in the long run.

Figure out how to pay for the move. Is it worth taking a big loan? Or is there another way?

Consider moving your car. Will you sell it, keep it parked in a storage lot, or move it with you?

Figure out whether to use an agent or if you will do the move yourself. Moving is stressful enough, so let a pro take some of the responsibility off of your hands!

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you should have a much clearer idea about what it takes to move across the country. Moving is challenging for everyone, but it’s great when you look at the big picture and see everything you stand to gain from doing so! This is especially important if you are moving with your significant other, family, or kids.

There will be hard times and good times, but nothing compares to the feeling when you first arrive at your new home!

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