I Fell For A Google Voice Scam (Apr) Know About It!

I Fell For A Google Voice Scam

I Fell For A Google Voice Scam (Apr) Know About It! >> The news mentions the ways the scammer are targeting user’s account to use it for a fraudulent purpose.

Have you heard of the Google voice scam? If you are a regular user of Google voice, you need to be aware of this new scam. 

There is a new development of scamming known as the Google voice scam. Here scammers hack phone numbers of Google Voice users and scam people in their name. 

The United States citizens are curious to know more about this scam. The news on I Fell For A Google Voice Scam will help people to understand more about it. 

A brief on Google Voice

Google launched the service known as Google voice in 2009. The service enables users to make, receive and forwarding of calls. 

Google voice embarks as one of the most viable options that permit users to make voice calls using broadband network facility. Individuals and many small business owners use this facility due to its cost-effective nature. 

This technology is extremely expedient and cost-effective in comparison to the traditional calling system. Users can use this service without making any payment for installing the apps. The users will only need a standard internet connection and a microphone. 

Knowing Google voice scam

Users of Google Voice need to be aware of Google voice Scam. Many have mentioned that I Fell For A Google Voice Scam, but they are hardly aware of the scam.

Here the scammers hijacked the phone numbers of Google Voice users and generated a fake Google voice Account in the user’s name. Now the scammers start calling others in your name. This type of scam is also identified as the Google Voice Code Verification scam. 

The scammers will ask the users at first to open a message having a 6-digit number. Once you open the message, your number gets hacked. 

Know the way the scam works

The scammers obtain the list of the phone numbers from the popular classified site Craigslist, United States. It seems to be an easy platform for scammers to get the phone numbers of customers. Users who experience I Fell For A Google Voice Scam need to know how this scam works.

  • Users post an ad on the internet along with the phone number. 
  • Scammer notes these numbers and calls or texts the users.
  • The scammers create a new account in the user’s name and send a verification code to the user. 
  • The imposter will ask the customer to allocate the six-digit code. Once the user shares the code, the scammers will open the fake account. 

Ways to get back number if customers experience for I Fell For A Google Voice Scam?

Users of Google Voice need to take the necessary protective measures to stay protected from this scam. Google voice numbers are not available on the phone book, and hence it is not very easy to get them back. 

However, customers can try the following steps to get the numbers back. 

  • Generate a new Google voice Account.
  • Users need to use verification codes on different numbers. 
  • Users need to mention the number that has been hacked.
  • Once the message shows, “reclaim it,” click yes to get back the old number. 


Users of Google voice need to be extremely cautious nowadays about the scam. So, Google voice user must be aware of this new scam. 

Have you experienced I Fell For A Google Voice ScamPlease share your outlook in the box underneath.

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