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Image Optimization API Services: “An API or Application Programming Interface is a collection of technologies that can facilitate the exchange of functionality and data between different third-party developers, businesses, applications, and internal departments. Developers can use APIs to communicate with other applications or software’s.”

To improve the search engine ranking of your website, you must optimize product images. It not only improves the SEO but also enhances the overall performance and visibility of your ecommerce website. 

It’s common for entrepreneurs to overlook optimizing product images, mainly because they don’t know how to do it or they think it’s too difficult for them. This is where APIs become helpful in automating the whole image optimization process. APIs are like a magic wand for the developers who want to improve the UX of products. You need these five image processing interfaces to take your product photography to the next level: Unsplash is one of the most potent and well-known photo engines worldwide, with around 3.6 million photos. Its API is a JSON API that can be seamlessly integrated into any system and can be used in a variety of workflows.

This API helps you insert images into any type of content and helps grow new blogs and social media accounts. Unsplash is partnered with 1000+ companies, and with 99.998% uptime, this is one of the most powerful photo engines. All photos on this platform are free of cost and can be accessed through any system without any delay. 

With more than 280K photographers who add photos regularly on this platform, Unsplash is perfect for personal and commercial use. 

Top Features:

  • Its API allows unlimited, free-of-cost requests
  • Mobile SDKs are also available
  • Simple integration 
  • Can be integrated easily with other photo editing tools and applications API is famous for reducing and optimizing the size of images. You can either upload a URL to the photo or directly upload it. This API supports GIFs, PNG, JPEG, and SVG formats for all images. Its advanced infrastructure processes the images within a few seconds. 

Kraken’s API allows efficient resizing and optimization of images within no time. It maintains the image quality, thus helping in better SEO results that can improve the search engine results of the product pages. 

Top Features: 

  • Optimize and compress photos from integrated apps
  • User-friendly and straightforward API integration
  • Easy optimization for mobile and tablets as well
  • Maintains photo-quality

Slazzer is best known for its cutting-edge AI-based background removal technology that can edit, add, replace, and remove background from any image or video. Its API is a simple HTTP interface that can be integrated into any system, website, or application with few code lines. 

Slazzer’s API supports almost all image formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, and base64. You can upload images via URL as well. The API is perfect for ecommerce businesses, designers, developers, and photo editing applications that can integrate this background remover technology into their existing project and use it as per their needs. 

Top Feature

  • Extensions and plugins available for applications like Figma and Photoshop
  • Can process millions of images with a single API call
  • Easy-to-use and user friendly integration
  • Low-cost image optimization 
  • Maintain image quality while removing background
  • Especially useful for freelancers and developers

Getty Images

Getty Images’ API gives access to more than 84 million high-quality images. It has a wide range of photos and has a more extensive pictures library than Unsplash or Pixels. These images are royalty-free, but you’ve to pay some amount to download them, unlike other image engines. 

This API can be used to add premium images for creating blogs and social media posts. Developers can access this platform to download images of any type. 

Top Features

  • Web-based API that helps developers to optimize their workflow.
  • Huge variety of royalty-free images
  • Plugins and extensions available for other applications
  • Better search and download experience

Adobe Photoshop APIAdobe Photoshop is one of the best editing applications which can be used for personal and professional use. It helps developers by providing a flexible and creative work environment. This software provides high-quality photo optimization. It comes with smart editing and processing tools for efficient workflow. 

Top Features

  • Automate design tasks to save time
  • Low-cost editing solutions for images
  • Accepts images in almost all types of formats
  • Versatile editing tools 
  • Better cut-outs within a few seconds


APIs have acted as bridges to reduce the gap between developers and businesses. These innovative interfaces have helped companies automate the workflow with little to no effort. Depending on what type of image optimization you need, you can determine which API to use. The APIs we’ve mentioned are versatile and cover almost all types of image processing frameworks. You can try any of the interfaces mentioned above to take optimization processes to the next level!

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