Inauguration Day Memes 2021 (Jan) Laugh Again!

Inauguration Day Memes 2021 Review

Inauguration Day Memes 2021 (Jan) Laugh Again! >> Read the article to know the trending funny and worth remembering memes from the Inauguration event of 2021.

The epic Inauguration Day Memes 2021 are all over the Internet. 

Joe Biden has now taken the oath and started his four-year presidency term. With the pandemic still going on, the 2021 Inauguration Day of United States marked a history by reaching several milestones. 

This was a happy moment for all the residents of the country and as we know that with happy moments come interesting memes.

What happened at the 2021 Inauguration Day?

In the United States, after a chaotic 4-year presidency term of Donald Trump, Joe Biden finally took the oath and the President’s office as the 46th President of the country.

With the Inauguration Day Memes 2021 getting viral, many events marked this day. Kamala Harris became the first woman to serve as the Vice President and also the first Black and Asian-American to do so. Dr. Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife, became the first ever First Lady who is expected to carry on the role with a paid job. 

Joe Biden becomes the oldest president so far. Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old American poet, became the youngest person to deliver poem at the Inauguration Day. And Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s husband, became the first Second Gentleman.

Highlights of Inauguration Day Memes 2021 

  • Cold Bernie at Inauguration

Bernie Sanders wore mittens and a big reliable coat in the harsh cold of the Capitol. To this meme Bernie responded by saying that the people at Vermont do not know about fashion and all they care about is keeping themselves warm.

  • Michelle Obama’s look

Everyone was thrilled to see the way Michelle was dressed in a purple outfit with a gold accent belt and silky curls. People compared this look of her with her 2017 one when she departed from the White House.

  • JLo singing Let’s Get Loud

Jennifer Lopez breaking into “Let’s Get Loud” joined the Inauguration Day Memes 2021 list. 

  • The podium sanitizer guy

Because of the pandemic, as a part of precaution, the podium was sanitized after each speech given at the Inauguration. The person, who came in between to sanitize the podium, caught everybody’s eye and received a lot of respect from the audience.

  • Lady Gaga’s brooch

Lady Gaga seemed to be promoting hunger games given her big brooch. She seemed to have been giving all the Hunger Game vibes.

  • Ella Emhoff’s coat and raised eyebrow reaction

Ella Emhoff caught everybody’s eye because of her gorgeous Miu Miu coat and also because of her funny raised eyebrow reaction that was caught on camera.

  • ‘We did it Joe’

The citizens stood up with their new President by saying ‘We did it Joe’ and appreciating his efforts.

People Reactions

People were really attentive while watching the Inauguration Day and pointing out and sharing the funny or memorable moments on social media platforms.

The Hunger Game fans were also quick in recognizing the brooch on Lady Gaga’s dress. 

Final Verdict

The Inauguration Day Memes 2021 list was a good start for the 4-year presidency term of Joe Biden. Everybody seemed to enjoy the event. 

With all these amazing memes and many Firsts, this will indeed be a memorable day for the country.

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