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Is Bettytoggery Scam {July 2022} Read The Full Review!

This post on Is Bettytoggery Scam covers the positive highlights, negative highlights, and features of Bettytoggery to check its legitimacy

Do you want to buy trending clothes for men and women? Do you know about Bettytoggery? If yes, then you would surely be concerned about the legitimacy of Bettytoggery. It is a company that focuses on delivering products across the world. The company is quite famous across the United States.

Kindly follow this post on Is Bettytoggery Scam? to know everything regarding the legitimacy of this website.

Is Bettytoggery Legit?

Bettytoggery is an online platform that delivers products across the world. The website has managed to maintain enough buzz since its launch. People of this area want to save time, and hence they are choosing Bettytoggery as an option to buy their clothes and shoes. Most of the customers or the buyers who want to buy the products from this website want to know about the legitimacy of Bettytoggery because of all the scams and fraud happening in the digital world.

The Bettytoggery Reviews will help you know about the legitimacy of Bettytoggery. It would help the consumers decide whether to buy the products from this website or not. In this post, we have tested the legitimacy of Bettytoggery across various criteria:

  • Website registration: 27 August 2020 is the date of registration of Bettytoggery, which makes it about two years old.
  • Registrar: Bettytoggery is registered through GoDaddy.com, LLC.
  • Trust Factor: Bettytoggery has clocked a decent trust score of 60%, making it look more legit.
  • Buyers Review: By reviewing all the feedback from buyers to know Is Bettytoggery Scam? The websites regarded it as a website of slight risk.
  • Social accounts: Yes, the website does have social media counts. Similarly to most brands, social media handle the pettifogger handle is also not much engaging.
  • Customer policies: The website has mentioned different policies for their customers.
  • Misplaced information: Details of email, address, Phone number, and social media accounts were found. But the major missing in this website is the absence of the customer review.
  • Data security: The website enables the use of HTTP in data sharing. Hence, Bettytoggery can be trusted while sharing data.

Details as per Is Bettytoggery Scam

Bettytogger is an online e-commerce website that delivers a lot of stylish accessories across the globe. Most of the products of this site look under budget. Special discounts and trending discounts are the most attractive features of Bettytoggery. Some of the products of this site are:

  • Men’s t-shirt
  • Women’s t-shirt
  • Trending crocs
  • Shoes for both men and women
  • Jeans.

Features of Bettytoggery

  • Buy crocs from https://www.bettytoggery.com/.
  • Email address: service@clemenss.com
  • Address: Room 402, No. 18, North Fifth Alley, Jixian, Yongtai, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. 
  • Phone Number:+6283862342954
  • The lack of customer reviews raises questions in the mind of the buyer Is Bettytoggery buyers or not?
  • Return Policy: To get your product returned, you have to submit your product back to the company within 30 days of the delivery. And the product to be returned should be unused and packed.
  • Shipping Policy: Due to Covid-19 , Bettytoggery is working slightly slowly.
  • Payment: Payment can be made through PayPal, visa, UPI and net banking.

Positive highlights

  • Free shipping on orders above $39.
  • Quick and live customer support.
  • Presence of contact details.
  • Protection of data using HTTPS.

Negative highlights

  • Lack of customer reviews.
  • Delayed delivery(due to covid19).

Bettytoggery Reviews

The company provides all the contact details such as email address, phone number, and office address.

The name of the owner is also specified. Many reviewing websites have rated Bettytoggery as a safe website. It also has its social media handle. However, the unavailability of customer reviews makes it suspicious for the buyers to trust this website.

Even though it is ranked poorly on Alexa Rank, you can surely give Bettytoggery a try as its covers all the parameters of being legit. You can also get information on credit card scams via this to save yourself from credit card scams.


In this post on Is Bettytoggery Scam, we found that website has quite a long life expectancy of around 2 years which makes it look more legitimate. The shop has quite a decent trust score. The buyers can check details regarding PayPal Scamming details on this page to save yourself.

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